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Jeffery Christensen

(Sep 1999 - Sep 2001)


"Areas I served: Dryden,Ontario; Saskatoon (YSA and Main street), Saskatchewan; Regina (YSA), Saskatchewan; West Zone (Magnus area),Winnipeg; East Zone, Winnipeg,Manitoba; Regina (12th ave. North),Saskatchewan. Companions: Fichialos, Bennett, Westbrook, Ieremia,McEvoy, McPhee (twice), Pine, George, Stapley, Cowan, Reeves, McDonald. - Just want to give a shout out to all these guys and say that it was a blessing to be able to serve with all of you. Keep it real and the Church is true...threw and threw. Love Ya!!!!!!! - Currently, I am just chillin in good ol' Washington Terrace, UT, attending Weber State and Loven it. I am married now and we have a little boy named Carson. Thanks again for all the good times, and they are all still fond memories to me. "
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