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Jolly Goodfellow

(Oct 1983 - Jul 1985)



I was known as Elder Goodfellow while serving my mission, most people know me now as Jolly, but my real name would be Michael. For a time I was also called President Goodfellow.

I served in the Canada Winnipeg Mission from October 1983 to July 1985 I was out when the Church changed back to the 2 year mission from the 18 month mission. I stayed three more mouths & was the last Elder to leave under President Bird. I went home the day before he did. I was first sent out to Ft. Francis Ontario. Fun place to be but I was moved again in two months. I got shipped out to Winnipeg next, were I was for a month. My next move was to Regina Saskatchewan, I spent most of my mission in the Regina Saskatchewan area. I was next sent out to Wayburn Saskatchewan. Then the Mission Couple at the File Hills Branch had a car wreck & were sent home. I was one of the first Elders to take over at the File Hills Branch when the Mission Couple had to leave in 1984. I spent that winter as Branch President. I spent the end of my mission in Winnipeg living right down town near the hotel Ft Gary.

I now work for the Utah Transit Authority. I Have been with them from July 1986. I work the swing shift at the Mt. Ogden Shop in Ogden Utah.

I got married in May of 1991 to Brenda Yates. I now live in Northern Utah in the town of Honeyville (north of Brigham City). Brenda has lived here most of her live.

Any one wishing to contact me from the old mission may do so by using my e-mail listed above. Would like to hear how things are in the Regina Saskatchewan area, were I spent most of my mission.

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