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Jonny Powell

(Feb 1994 - May 1996)


E-mail: JONNY@caedm.et.byu.edu

Well I thought I had had enough of the cold weather when leaving Canada. Not enough of the mission just the cold weather. I am here at BYU majoring in Electrical Engineering and have taken the opportunity to go to Russia in the Fall to teach English to children there. It'll be awesome. I hear it is cold in Russia. No fiance yet. I reckon I have about 3 more years or so on my 5 year plan. Although it is spring time and it seems that the ladies become more attractive at this time of year. I have some roommates that are either nonmembers or inactive. I have been priviledged to live with these guys. They have made progress.
Well y'all can e-mail me at Jonny@caedm.et.byu.edu

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