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Jordan Ison

(Jun 1998 - Jul 2000)


"Hometown: Salt Lake City "The Place", Utah
Served: Taylor, Donwood, University, Munroe, Regina Singles, Winnipeg Singles
Comps: Ethington (too much fun), Rowan (taught me all about life), Caldwell, Rudd, Walker (play dress up and burn stuff), Martineau (changed my life), Can't remember, Leavitt (love ya bud :]) Cottle (that was a short 5 months and a lot of driving ... holy?!) Osmond (yeah), Lavoie (lover), Davis (such a nice guy). I think I got em all ... if I forgot you ... you probably won't care.
President: Layton's (the best people in the world)
Cars: Lumina (yeah), V6 Trucks rock! The bus too.
Visited: Flin Flon, Thompson, LaRonge, Whitemouth, Balmertown, Somewhere in North Dakota not worth remembering, and lot's of time in freakin' Winnipeg! Love it.
Grad: BYU (who'da thought) No, Martineau it wasn't cuz of you!
Peace! "
Statistics: Bios = 394, Emails = 476, Messages = 21, Visitors = 203
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