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Jose De Leon

(Dec 1992 - Dec 1994)


"Updated Jan 1st 2006
I've been married for almost 8 years now and Eduardo is 5 years old now, speaks fluid Spanish and French and will soon start working on his English. 2nd child is on its way and we are very happy.

I continue to work in the computer field. Can't complain but not yet where I want to be, but getting there.

I'm serving with the young men of my ward. Discouraging sometimes but will do all my best to send all this guys on their missions.

I finished reading my Book of Mormon with my wife yesterday and we are happy to have an inspired prophet of God

I miss a lot of you and would like to keep in touch once in a while. Would like to go to a mission reunion where I'll find many old friends.

I hope we are all strong in the gospel and beasting it out for the work of God and our brothers and sisters.

Love you all
Jose De Leon and Family

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