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Kitchener Boyd Head

(Jan 1999 - Dec 2000)


"*Served in Selkirk, MB with Garth Wayne Turner and Jackson Robbins
*Served in Kenora, ON with Jake Lee Hendy and Jared Lee MacKnight
*Served in Whitefish Bay, ON with Aaron Lambson, Trevor Misseldine, and Bryce Allen
*Served in Brandon, MB with Kevin Higginson and David McCurdy.
*Served in Moose Jaw, SK with Todd Adams, Hyrum Berg, and Matthew Jensen.
*Mission Presidents: Pres. Layton and Pres. Clove.

I sure enjoyed my mission! I loved the people I served, and served with. It was hard, but no one said it wouldn't be. I believe it was worth it!!

Attending College at BYU-Provo (Biology Major) and lovin' life! Not married yet, but working on it. If I served with ya, or knew ya...drop me a line! Peace!"

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