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Launa Koyle Gregersen

(Oct 1982 - Apr 1984)


"Hi everyone! I served under Pres. Bird from Oct. 1982 to April 1984. I married Paul Gregersen in November 6th, 1987. We have four children Ross David(14), Benjamin Paul(13), Katrina Faye(10)and Shaun K(7)will be turning 8 in April, and will awaiting for his big day. We are still living in Pocatello,Idaho. My husband is busy writing books,and is presently working on getting them on disk to sell through the internet. I am working at our local Health Department, I am their Medical Supply Purchaser.I buy for every department and all eight counties. I was very excited when I ran onto this site. It seem as if I have lost track of everybody. I would like to hear from all of you that I served with. It has been along time since we were all together lets do something about it."
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