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Lewis Harper

(Apr 1987 - Apr 1989)


"Hey there,
This is an update of my information. I tried to modify my other entry but couldn't remember my password.

I found this page again by accident I think. I have been singing in a choir group and we just got back from touring around the Anchorage Alaska mission. I needed to get an address of the mission and found this page.

Now about me. I am practicing chiropractic in Eden, Utah. I have been here for the past 6 years and love every minute of it. My wife Gina and I live in Liberty which is between Eden and Paradise :)

We still don't have any children yet but do have a dog, cat and three horses.

If there is anyone that wants to contact me please feel free to contact me at drlew@worldnet.att.net or at 801-745-0977

Keep the faith!"

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