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Loren Evans

(Jun 1975 - Jun 1977)


"My mission started in South Dakota Rapid City, but my real mission was Canada Winnipeg (no offense). Companions were: Richard McLaughlin, Steven Elms, Daniel Walthall, Layne Isom, Richie Olson (2), Dennis Pace, Anthony Canty, and David Martin. Throughout my mission I worked with many great men, sisters, and couples. Currently I live in Arizona with my wife, Wendy, sons Nathaniel (19), Christopher (14), and Isaac (11). I have been 20 years in the healthcare IT industry, currently responsible for 25 programmers and systems throughout the US. In addition, my wife and I have been doing a traditional healing business on the side that has taken me to India, Thailand, Hungary and other places for learning. My mission was a great experience that gave me the tools needed to excel in life. Thanks all of you for being part of the experience."
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