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Luisa Katoa

(Apr 1991 - sep 1992)


"Aloha! from Laie, Oahu
When I came into the mission, the Keelers were there and then I finished with the Christensen's Sept. 92. I served in Dryden,Saskatoon,Winnipeg,Yorkton and Regina. I went to BYU Hawaii and graduated in Social Work. I am going to be attending grad. school at UH this fall. I am still sing dinging and am lead vocal of a band of four called, "Ku'i Mana." means position of power in Hawaiian. We play contemporary local music and are in the middle of recording a CD. Yes,I am finally engaged to a wonderful local boy from Oahu! If any of you vacation here, Let me get you a discount on the Polynesian Cultural Center! Mahalo, Luisa Katoa
AKA The Molly Poly


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