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Mark Coffey

(May 1991 - May 1993)



I'm from Dublin Ireland. As far as I know only 2 others from here served in Winnipeg. I haven't met either one as they are from the Ulster Stake and I'm in the Dublin Stake.

When I Arrived in the mission field Pres Keller was the Mission President. The next month (July) Pres Jess L Christensen arrived. I served in Regina, Winnipeg, Selkirk, back to Winnipeg, Carry the Kettle, North Battleford and finally again to Winnipeg.

I work for a company called Interactive Services (www.interactiveser.com). I'm the IT Manager and look after all the communications and computers. I started this site back in 94 or 95. It got too big for me to maintain and when I was called as the EQP I handed it over to John.

I married my childhood sweetheart two years after I returned home (30 Mar 95). Two years later we had Amy (14 Jan 97) and then Sarah (21 May 00).

Thats all there is to know right now. I've heard from a lot of old friends, which is the main reason I started the site. Anyone who knows me should contact me.

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