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Mark Hesterman

(Dec 1978 - Dec 1980)


"I served in the Spanish speaking work from December 1978-December 1980 as part of the 2nd generation of spanish speaking missionaries. Viva la obra chilena !!! I reflect on my experiences and friendships that were formed during the "2 greatest years" of a young mans life often. The relationships and memories I will treasure forever.

It's been my priviledge to return and visit 3 times and we have entertained many members and friends (Chilean and Canadian) from the mission field in our home on many occasions here in Salt Lake.

The areas I served in were Winnipeg (2 months w/ Rittcher & Hinkey), Regina for 9 months (long enough to consider seeking political office, with Dettamanti & Hinkey again), Saskatoon (5 months with Rodriguez) and my final 6 months back to Winnipeg with Womack, and finally Fox and Davis. All of them were great.

Since my time in the "land of the frozen chosen" I've completed college and received an MBA from the University of Utah and convinced some poor BYU grad to marry me in 1989 (Ashley) inspite of my Ute affilitation. I have surved in many church callings and am currently serving in a Bishopric. I also have been a stock broker for the past...ahhh who cares about that stuff. We have 3 very active boys, Search & Destroy & .... err .. I mean Carter, Tanner & Matt. The oldest will be 13 in February. Needless to say we spend alot of time at soccer & basketball games on Saturday. My life is good, I have been blessed. I hope all is well with all of you.

Mark Hesterman

PS- I'd love to hear from any of you H-(801)-947-9547 W-(800)-274-5588"

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