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Matt "Oz" Morris

(Aug 2002 - Aug 2004)


"Hey, I've been home for almost a year now and I miss the mish. I loved the mission. I served in Winnipeg East Zone, then Regina Spence area, Brandon West, Downtown! Winnipeg, then they shipped me off to Selkirk, then to Regina Avonhurst area (the ghetto of Regina), and finished my mission at a run in the Southpark area in Winnipeg. I was blessed to serve with:
Elder Jeremy Brown (trainer), Elder Tate Denna (greeny buster), then I went into a threesome with Elder Paul Brooks (souph), and Elder Ryan Miller (Millertime). I stayed with Elder Miller for a while! I then got Elder Ellis for a bit, then they put me in another threesome with Elder Buck Shaheen, and Elder Brett Young. That's where my mission turned around and I really took off. Elder Hastie then came all the way from New Zealand or, uh, Regina to be my companion for a bit. I was then blessed to go and serve in the Downtown! area with Elder Todachinnie. That was one of the best and funnest times of my mission. I loved the area the people and my companion. We taught and worked hard and had a sweet time! I then served with Elder Nick Pew (fun and challenging), Elder Deatry (a womanizer but good man), Elder Ogden (pretty chill-out guy), then my last two companions were Elder Baroldy (I learned alot from him), and Elder Starritt (great missionary and very challenging at the time). I loved everyone that I served with and learned alot from all of you guys. Thanks for all being patient with me.
I am training to be a cage fighter right now. It's pretty safe except for losing an arm or a leg.
Jk, anyways I am studying Psychology with people and basically going to help all those guys out there who don't get it with girls, how to basically get it. It's really interesting stuff.
Anyways I know this gospel is true!"
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