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Mike Karren

(Aug 1975 - Aug 1977)


"I'm so old I really had to think about when I was there, sorry! I'm a school teacher of 11 years with 5 children. Two are presently on missions in Europe. My wife is also a school teacher and hails from Reading, Pennsylvania. I had 10 companions starting in the Canada Calgary Mission. Elders Allen Moore, Callahan, Critchfield, Danny Webb, Treu, Butterbaugh, Welsh- married sister Bartholomew, Sprinkle, Terrion, and Kemp. I'm trying to contact all of them and see what's happened to them over the years. The only two I've been successful in tracking down are: Allen Moore and Garn Kemp. If you know of any leads to finding them would you please e-mail me? Also does anyone know what happend to Pres. and Sister Lund? They're names don't link.

Thanks! "

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