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Mike Rasmussen

(Aug 1998 - Aug 2000)


"Hello My CWM brethren! I have been back for almost 3 years from the great white north. And
I speak highly of it whenever I am in a conversation with freinds. I have been able to share
my experiences with many here in San Jose where I live. I am currently attending the Almaden
III ward in San Jose, where I met my sweet heart Rebecca Hales, and yes, I will be married July 19
in the Jordan River Temple in Utah at 12:00 noon. Exciting it is! I am graduating from West Valley
College this year in May 2003 with Associate Degrees in Liberal Arts, Business, Communications
and I will be earning a Marketing Certificate. I also attend San Jose State University where
I will continue my Bachelor's Program in Marketing and Human Resource Management.
Anyway, thank you to all my companions whereever you maybe, here they are in no particular
order, you know who you are! Elders Vincent, Swensen, Turner, Jones, Ethington, Nelson, Hill,
Hendy, Rhodes, Cox, Wood, Magonigal, Martin, and Finally Batty. To all of you cheers! I would
give you the world. To the great efforts we gave in the following areas: Selkirk MB, Saskatoon
Laminite and the whole northern part of the city, St. Mary's and great ST. Boniface
in the middle of Winnipeg, Kildare/Transcona, on the east end of Winnipeg, Regina Francis area in the
southern part of Regina, and finally back to Selkirk again where I began and ended my mission.
To all who helped me make my mission shine I praise you for the good that God allowed us to do.
I will always be grateful! I praise my God for such great companions, and for the work of miracles
and the preaching of the gospel that has made me the man I am today.
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