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Murray Hunt

(May 1976 - May 1978)


"Had the opportunity to work with President and Sister Lund, wonderful elders, sisters, couples, members, and contacts in various capacities and areas ranging from three of the mission's farthest flung points--south (Ely, Minnesota), east (Thunder Bay), and west (Alberta border) and many places in between. Came out with Elders Martin, Thomas, Pulsipher, Rosenlof, Carlson, Fisher, and Jorgensen. Served in St. James with Bill Alston; Brandon with John Snow, Tim Witts, and Arlan Anderson; Charleswood (where I experienced my "coldest-temperature" memory, at -77* F., on a night when we were actually out teaching and traveling by bus) with Keith Sprague, Mark (?) Humble, and Kevin Jennings; Fort Frances with Layne Isom and Alan James; Regina with Bryan Edwards and Dan Shelton. Took degrees at BYU and Stanford. Currently teaching philosophy, classics, literature, and rhetoric at BYU-Idaho. Married 25 years in February 2004 to Maryjo Colton from Richland, WA; ten children and currently one granddaughter. Two sons have served in Ukraine and Argentina. First four children are out of the nest and temple married. Down to a mere six kids at home. Life is busy. Would welcome e-mail correspondence from those who remember me and even those who aren't sure if they do. I can update you a little on President and Sister Lund as of July 2004, if you're interested. (01/03/05)"
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