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Nancy (Cooper) Jeffery

(Jan 1981 - Aug 1982)


"After my mission I went to Salt Lake City to be roommates with one of my companions, Lynette Peabody who is now Lynette Rogers. I lived there for a year. I worked for a short time at Dominoes Pizza as an order taker and then Kentucky Fried Chicken. Then I worked at Deseret Book Store on the church floor in Downtown Salt Lake City. I had been keeping in touch with Johan Jeffery (who is an RM from Canada,Winnepeg Mission). We decided that I would move to Knoxville, TN where his family lived and date. In January of 1984 on Friday the 13th we got engaged. On May 2, 1984 we were married in the Washington D.C. Temple. We lived in Knoxville for a while until Johan got his degree in Math and his degree in Physics. We have four boys ages 4, 11, 15 and 17. After Johan graduated from The Universtiy of Tennessee in Knoxville, we moved to Utah where most of his family had moved to. He worked for Word Perfect which became Novell, which became Corel. When they decided not to have the company here any longer, he started at Intuit. "
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