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Phil Lammi

(Jan 1977 - Dec 1978)



My name is Phil Lammi. I served in the Canada Winnipeg Mission after getting out of the LTM March 20 1977 through December 30 1978. I was one of ten Spanish speaking missionaries assigned to the area. I keep in touch with a few of my old buds over the years. I have been with the California Highway Patrol for over 20 years now. My wife, Becci, and I have three sons. My oldest son, Phillip Adrian returned from his mission at the Arizona Tempe Mission March 7, 2001. My next son, Brad will return from the California Carlsbad Mission December 23, 2003. My third son, Michael is nearly 9 and has a few years to go. We live in the Sacramento CA Metro area (actually Folsom, and not the prison)and would love to visit any of the old buds passing through."

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