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Randall Mark Simper

(Sep 1976 - Sep 1978)


"My Mission was truly one of the greatest and most gratifying times of my life. I have such wonderfull memories of all my companions and our efforts together. I look forward to finding and speaking with each one again (hint!).

I hope to fill more in later when I have more time (famous last words), but here is me in a nut shell. Married to my wonderful wife Glenda since Dec. of 78 and started with our first child Russell 9 months later. Parker joined us in May the year after that. Cindy, our one and only, waited a few years to make her entrance. And fashionably late was our last and final son Preston. Life is family. Work is what you have to do to be with your family. I have been self employed as a puppet and toy builder most of these family years. In the interim, have been very successful in nearly doubling my body volume, without even having to work out. We have been living in Las Vegas with the other half of California for the past 6 years. Current address is, 6281 Fisher Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89130. More to come!

I want to thank Phil Haden, my great #2 Prince Albert comp, for sharing this website with me, I plan to check back often."

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