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Randy Gilson

(Jun 1985 - May 1987)


I started out the Mission with President Bird for 6 weeks then it changed to President John Jeffrey. I covered the whole mission many times over as an AP but only heard stories of Elders that went to Churchhill. That may be of interest to many did they really get put on a train at gun point and told to stay out? Did St. Boniface Cathedral really get dusted by some missionaries and that is why it burned down? We could have a section regarding these and other stories of the mission.

I am currently working at the University Hospital as a Respiratory Therapist in the Adult Critical Care unit and also a member on the Neonatal Medivac Team. I also own two stores called Rednecks Haircut Emporium. I do not cut hair there its just a business adventure. I am married since May 28 1988. Married in the Cardston Alberta Temple. Connie and I have two children. Ryan is 5 and Chelsea is 3. They both love to ski and are very busy. Chelsea loves to slide around Ryan actually skiis with me.

I would love to hear from anyone that I served with or knows the Email addresses of those I served with and President Jeffrey's.

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