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Randy Hawkins

(Sep 1976 - Oct 1978)


Hi my name is Randy Hawkins I was in the mission way back almost in the beginning. To be exact Sept. 1976 - Oct. 1978. All the time under the famous president founder Howard Lund.

It was exciting I served in Atikokan Baudette International Falls Winnipeg lived next to the first chapel in Notre Dame area all borded up at the time the Stake was formed and Pres. Lund prophisied that a temple would be in Winnipeg some day finished up in File Hills area of Saskatchewan and was an official at the 3rd annual Sask. Indian summer games.

One of my companions Elder Lewis was reported to have held up the front end of a pick-up to help a lady change the tire. He had a size 19 neck and you didn't want to mess with him.

Elder Ralph Crane and others from lamanite generation were around the zone to entertain all the time at special events and the lamanite generation toured the entire Mission in one big sweep. Lots of fond memories were had and yes the rumors of going to Churchill and being given a gun and that's it were all in place way back before you'all were even born.

Never made it up to The Pas or any other more Northern places but I understand that only two types of vehicles made it up . 1 the Elders in those crazy Gremlins and Novas and 2. The Moulson beer trucks ! So if any Fisk's Olesons I say hi to you.

Sincerley Elder Randy ' the Hawk' Hawkins.

Come on Isom Rosenlof Homer Gouchenour all the old timers get on line...

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