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Robert Price

(Jul 1976 - Aug 1978)


"I was one of a few Canadian Elders called to serve in the "Keystone" mission having been raised in Taber Alberta next door to our mission.

Areas served
Mission Home, Michael Perkins, Marietta GA
Weyburn Tim Miller,Paul Pulsipher
Winnipeg Transcona Wm Humble, Brian Hirtle, Brandon Paul Betts, Kent Larsen S'toon, Mark Steffensen, File Hills Malcolm Lewis and Anthony Hettich Brad Anae Winnipeg St. James Duane Wadsworth and Mark Spicer I made many good friends and have fond memories of the time I was able to serve in the Winnipeg mission and am glad I had the experience. I live in Calgary Alberta with my wife Loni Sheen from Cardston Alberta and our 3 sons and 1 daughter. My oldest son Lockey is 17 a daughter Sheena is 14 son Jeff is 13 and my youngest son is Bradey 11. I work as a bankruptcy trustee in an accounting firm. "

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