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Scott Gillespie

(Sep 1976 - Aug 1978)


"I served in the Winnipeg Mission from Sep. 1976 to Aug 1978. I would love to get more information about past companions and other of the gang. I have much to talk about and much to explain.

Life since my mission has been interesting and full of challenges. I spent five years in the Army as a criminal investigator. After my discharge, I got into civilian law enforcement for almost 10 years. Unfortunately, I am now disabled (one fight too many).

As of this update (Apr 2004), I have four terrorists in training, David - 18 (getting ready for his mission), Shawntee - 11, Becca - 10 and Samantha - 6. I am married to the most fantastic woman I have ever known. I now live in Northern California way outside of a small hick town out in the sticks.

Scott J. Gillespie"

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