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Seth J. Martin

(Dec 1998 - Dec 2000)


" Hey everyone. I got married in a year-and-a-half after my mission in Canada. My wife Elizabeth and I are living in Tucson, AZ and are very happy. I will be getting a diploma from Stratford Career Institute which is in Washington D.C. and New York. I am studying to be a Home Inspector.
The areas in Canada where I served were: Kenora, Ontario; Prince Albert, Saskatchewan; Cambridge in Regina, SK (durring the time in which the Regina, SK Temple was dedicated); St. Francis area in Regina, SK; and Selkirk, Manitoba.
My companions, including the MTC were: Elders Jake Hendy, Cody Carpenter, Ryan Magonigal, Christopher Stokes, Jeramiah Smith, Dylan McPherron, Gary Bagley, Mike Rasmussen, Douglas Handley, Jeremy Brown, and Jeremy Steele.
I absolutely loved my mission! I will never forget my mission and how it has helped me. I wish every one of my companions the best of lives. I wish EXTRA luck to each wife who now has to live with them for eternity upon being sealed in the temple.
After my mission I came back up to Canada to see a little of Alberta with a good member friend and his family. The Cardston Temple became one of my favorite temples when I got the opportunity to go through while I was there. Calgary is cool and Banff is awsome.
When I have the means to visit more places, I hope I get to visit some of my companions and close mission friends. Until then, may God be with you in all that you do."
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