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Shayne Tueller

(Jul 1978 - Jul 1980)


"Served in mission from 78 to 80. Graduated from the University of Utah in 87 with B.S. in Mathematics. Graduated from Utah State University in 91 with M.S. in Computer Science. Worked for U.S. Air Force from 86 to 94 as a mathematician. Currently working for Evans & Sutherland Computer Corp. as a software engineer. My wife (who is a convert) and I have 4 kids (15,12,8,6), one girl and three boys. We currently reside in West Point, Utah. Church callings have ranged from stake missionary (3 times) to primary teacher and everything in between. Life is great!"
Statistics: Bios = 394, Emails = 476, Messages = 21, Visitors = 202
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