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Travis Kunz

(Mar 1990 - Mar 1992)


"I married Sydnie the girl that some of you heard about so often. We moved to Fort Collins CO. right after we were married. Six months there and then we moved to Logan, UT. On July 26, 1993 we had our daughter Taylor who is going to turn 6. We lived in Logan for about 5 years where I managed a cabinet door shop. While in Logan we had our second daughter Layken on Feb. 3, 1997. After being layed off I got a job with JJ North's Buffet as a manager and moved to Bend, OR. After being there for 5 months I transferred to Boise in October 1998. On May 22, 2002 our third child a boy which we named Eyston. I have since quit the restuarant business and went back into the cabinet industry working for Treasure Valley Wood Working here in Boise. "
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