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Treaven Grant

(May 1996 - Jun 1998)


"7/28/04 I have been married for 3+ years now. My wife and I have had one child. He is an awesome little boy, 1 and 1/2 right now. I Work at a hospital in the radiology department, doing CAT scans and taking x-rays. I am still going to school at the U (eternal student) hopefully it will pay off someday. I live in Sandy, UT. I semi stay in touch with a few RMs from our mission, but would love to hear from anyone who remembers a big flambouyant red headed elder.

3/29/00 I've been home for 2 years. I'm going to SLCC. Elders Cox and Arnell are my roomates. They are trying to keep me out of trouble. Lifes all good. Not married.
I would love to hear from people from the miss. so e-mail me.
If anyone has Joel Wayne Andersons new address and phone number that would be greatly appreciated.

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