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William F. Current

(Apr 1977 - Apr 1979)


I actually arrived in Canada in June 1977 after 2 months in the LTM. I served in Winnepeg (3 times) Thunderbay and Regina. I was one of the original 10 Spanish speaking missionaries. My companions included Elders Bradshaw (in the LTM) Mills (for 7 months and a week straight) Goodwin (twice) Tueller Kilpatrick Lammi Knell and Hinkey.

My wife Susan and I have 4 children (ages 4-18) and we have been living in south Florida for 2+ years. Before that we were in Northern Virginia for 7 years (near D.C.) and before that our home state of California for 4 years. I graduated from Ricks in 83 and BYU in 85. I own a consulting firm that specializes in helping employers set up drug-free workplace programs.

Though I have lost track of all my old missionary companions I think of them often as well as the service we gave. Fortunately I filled 2 1/2 journals during my mission and saved all my old internal mission correspondence (Pres. Lund's letters zone and district reports weekly reports etc.). I enjoy reviewing those materials and remembering the good old days of 40 degrees below in the winter and the hot muggy summers. But like anyone who served in the Canada Winnepeg Mission I wouldn't trade the experiences I had and the memories I carry with me for anything.

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