LDSMN Administration

Cristopher Hogan
  Vice President, CIO
  Hogan & Assoc. Construction
  Spouse: Christine Nielson
  Children: Rachel, Rebekah, Elizabeth, Jared, Spencer
  West Bountiful, Ut
Mission Served
  Argentina Salta (Nov 1988 - Nov 1990)
  English, Spanish
Formal Education
  2004, MBA, Brigham Young University
  1996, BS Civil Engineering, University of Utah
Current Church Calling
  Assistant Varsity Scout Coach, Assistant Stake Clerk (computers)

Cris joined the LDS Mission Network team in June 2000. In addition to developing some of the content on LDSMN, he makes sure all the feedback is assigned to an appropriate team member and answered appropriately.

Cris' affiliation with the LDSMN began in May 1998 when he began maintaining the Argentina Salta Mission Alumni Page.

When asked why he volunteers his time and efforts to this cause, he said, "I enjoy being involved with helping RMs keep in contact with each other. My favorite thing is feeling the testimony and burning desire to serve of the newly called missionaries (and their mothers and fathers). I love missionary work!"

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