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Rogelio Flores
  Software Engineer
  ITI Transcendata
  Spouse: Marina
  Children: Ruth, Aaron, Isaac, Daniel
  Cincinnati, OH
Mission Served
  Mexico Mazatlan Mission (1993-1995)
  Spanish, English
Formal Education
  BS/MS: Brigham Young University - Mechanical Engineering
Current Church Calling
  Counselor in Bishopric.

Rogelio joined LDSMN in 2001 although he's been maintaining his page for the México Culiacán Mission alumni since 1996. He started participating with LDSMN doing Spanish translations before 2001, and eventually got invited to join the LDSMN admin group (developers).  At this time, Rogelio's contributions are in the feedback area for most of South America, and the Spanish translation for the website and for SIB.

Rogelio grew up in Cd. Juárez, Chihuahua, a mexican city on the border with the U.S.A. and was raised in an LDS family where he learned to live the gospel. After finishing High School in Cd. Juárez, he went to BYU to study mechanical engineering, where he obtained a B.S. and M.S. degrees.

He married a great girl from Argentina (Marina) and they are the proud parents of two children. He enjoys playing soccer, reading and programming projects. Marina enjoys cross-stitching and reading.

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