LDSMN Administration

M. Troy Bowman
  Systems Admin
  Spouse: Anne
  Children: Rebekah, Lindsay, Eden
  Salt Lake City, UT
Mission Served
  Mexico Monterrey South (Oct 1992 to Sept 1994)
  English, Spanish
Formal Education
  Some College
Current Church Calling
  Ward Financial Clerk

Troy joined just after its inception in mid 1996 with his page for the México Monterrey South Mission alumni.  Troy contributed in many small, but noticeable ways to mission net, and eventually got invited to join the developers.  At this time, Troy's input includes giving the occasional needed help to Chris Hardy with systems administration tasks as he needs it, as well as providing feedback for the México area.

Troy grew up in Colonia Dublán, a mexican LDS colony established in the late 1800's, where he learned to live the gospel in a very uniquely protected environment, and where there is an interesting mixture of northamerican and mexican cultures.

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