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David Stewart
  Spouse: Lori Ann
Mission Served
  Russia St. Petersburg Mission (1992-94)
  Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Hungarian, others
Formal Education
  B.S.: Molecular Biology, Brigham Young University, 1995.
  M.D.: University of Colorado School of Medicine, 1999
  Orthopedic Surgery Residency Training Program, University of Texas Medical Branch, 1999-present
Current Church Calling

David was the valedictorian of both his high school and college classes. He was one of thirteen National Advanced Placement Scholars in 1991, and the first ever to attend BYU. He graduated from BYU in less than two years and finished medical school near the top of his class in 1999.

David served in the Russia St. Petersburg mission 1992-94. He financed his mission in its entirety through summer jobs during high school. David taught Ukrainian at the SMTC and MTC when the Ukrainian language teaching program was first started in 1996. He translated early missionary training materials into Ukrainian. David enjoys conducting medical charity work and research in work in Eastern Europe.

Over the last two years, he has traveled to 18 countries. He particularly enjoys missionary research. His most recent project is a site geared towards increasing missionary effectiveness,

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