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Todd Giles
  Software Research & Development
  Sandia National Labs
  Spouse: Jill
  Children: Michael, Kaylee Ann, Trevin and Spencer
  Albuquerque, NM
Mission Served
  Taiwan Taipei (1996 - 1998)
  English, Chinese (Mandarin)
Formal Education
  BS: Electrical Engineering - New Mexico State University - 2001
  BS: Computer Science - NMSU - 2001
Current Church Calling
  Stake YM Secretary

Todd created the original Taiwan Taipei Mission Alumni website shortly after receiving his mission call in mid 1996. During his two years in Taiwan, the site was handed over to a new individual. Then, in mid 2001 he again took over maintenance of the site, and transferred it over to servers in the new "Site-in-a-Box" format.

He quickly gained respect with the then current "Site-in-a-Box" developers after writing his first addition to it (the chat engine) in early 2002. He joined the administration team in an official capcity in August, 2002 and has spent countless hours since improving and supporting "Site-in-a-Box."

Outside of developing for - Todd loves playing sports of all kinds (ultimate frisbee, flag football, and basketball currently top the list), reading books (Terry Brooks is one of his favorite authors), scouting (currently a Unit Commissioner), and most of all spending time with those closest to him (his wife and kids).

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