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Mission Webmaster(s)
Madagascar Antananarivo  Craig G. Peterson
Malta None
Manitoba-Minnesota None
Marshall Islands Majuro  Mark Pooley
Maryland Baltimore  Adam H. Peterson
Mascarene Islands None
Massachusetts Boston  Website Closed
 Cory Hansen
Mexican None
Mexico None
Mexico Chihuahua  Nathanael Adams
Mexico Culiacan  Rogelio Flores
Mexico Guadalajara  Boyd Smith
Mexico Guadalajara South  Bruce A. Maxwell
Mexico Hermosillo  Jorge Cano
Mexico Leon  Lucas R Miller
Mexico Mazatlan  Rogelio Flores
Mexico Merida  Federico Soto
Mexico Mexico City None
Mexico Mexico City East  Steven B. Vawdrey
Mexico Mexico City North  Tim Riker
Mexico Mexico City South  Ron Weekes
Mexico Mexico City West  Cameron Butterfield
Mexico Monterrey  M. Troy Bowman
Mexico Monterrey East  M. Troy Bowman
Mexico Monterrey North  M. Troy Bowman
Mexico Monterrey South  M. Troy Bowman
Mexico Monterrey West  M. Troy Bowman
Mexico North  M. Troy Bowman
Mexico North Central None
Mexico Oaxaca  Gerardo Sumano Saucedo
Mexico Puebla  Andrew G Clifford
Mexico Queretaro None
Mexico Southeast None
Mexico Tampico  M. Troy Bowman
Mexico Tijuana  Robert Hutchison
Mexico Torreon  Eli Jimenez
Mexico Tuxtla Gutierrez  Carlos Cedillo
Mexico Veracruz  Kent D Martindale
Mexico Villahermosa None
Mexico West None
Michigan None
Michigan Dearborn None
Michigan Detroit  David Gareis
Michigan Lansing  Dovy R Paukstys
Micronesia Guam  Andy Foss
Middle States None
Minnesota Minneapolis  Jonathan Woodbury
Minnesota-Wisconsin None
Mississippi Jackson  Paul D. Conrad
Missouri Independence  Gerald L. Cox
Missouri Saint Louis  Ike Ellis
Mongolia Ulaanbaatar  Luke Nielsen
 Carl Sticht
Montana None
Montana Billings  Jeff J. Snider
Montana-Wyoming None
Mozambique Maputo  Alex Silver

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