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Mission Webmaster(s)
Pacific (Administrative) None
Pacific Northwest None
Palestine-Syrian None
Panama Panama City  Jay Harvey
Papua New Guinea Port Moresby  Rachel A Wright
Paraguay Asuncion  Monte Giles
Paraguay Asuncion North  Ismael Barrientos Gonzalez
Pennsylvania None
Pennsylvania Harrisburg  Sean Gates
Pennsylvania Philadelphia  Tom Leavitt
Pennsylvania Pittsburgh  Dirk A. Willden
Peru None
Peru Andes None
Peru Arequipa  Rick Papo
Peru Chiclayo  Matthew Ellingson
Peru-Ecuador None
Peru Lima None
Peru Lima Central  Mike Goble
Peru Lima East  Paul Jones
Peru Lima North  Renzo Chama
Peru Lima South  Jed Dyreng
Peru Trujillo  Dustin Orgill
Philippine None
Philippines Angeles  Kevin Davis
Philippines Bacolod  Charlie J. Thiot
Philippines Baguio  Lars Bybee
Philippines Butuan  LDSMN Maintainer
Philippines Cabanatuan None
Philippines Cagayan De Oro  Adam Holdaway
Philippines Cebu  Willie Delarosa
Philippines Cebu City None
Philippines Cebu East None
Philippines Davao  Mark A. Caldwell
Philippines Ilagan  Joel Longhurst
 Matthew Blake
Philippines Laoag  Clint Putt
Philippines La Union None
Philippines Manila  Curt Nielson
Philippines Naga  Garrett Benjamin Hill
Philippines Olongapo  Grant McChesney
Philippines Quezon City  Roy Besiera
Philippines Quezon City West None
Philippines San Fernando None
Philippines San Pablo  Max Quinney
Philippines Tacloban  Brett A. Greenwood
Poland Warsaw  Justin Hart
Portugal Lisbon None
Portugal Lisbon North  Nate Bird
 Fred Larsen
Portugal Lisbon South  Jay Mann
Portugal Porto  Christian P. Gyssels
Puerto Rico San Juan  Chris Hadlock

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