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Mission Webmaster(s)
Samoa None
Samoa Apia  Tracy R Wilson
Samoan None
Sandwich Islands None
Scandinavian None
Scotland None
Scotland Edinburgh  Ian McMurray
Scotland Glasgow None
Scottish None
Scottish-Irish None
Siam None
Sierra Leone Freetown  Ryan Michael
Singapore  Jan Dawson
Singapore  Jan Dawson
Slovenia Ljubljana  Jared L Roper
Society Islands None
Society Islands None
South Africa None
South Africa Cape Town  Nannette Watts
South Africa Durban  Jaron Jones
South Africa Johannesburg  Bryan Cardoza
South African None
South America (Administrative) None
South American None
South Australian None
South Carolina Columbia  Gary Rogers
South Central States None
South Dakota Rapid City  Scott Birk
Southeast Asia None
Southeast Mexican None
Southern Australian None
Southern Far East None
Southern States None
South German None
Southwest British None
Southwestern States None
Southwest Indian None
Spain None
Spain Barcelona  Eric N Swensen
 Tim Boisvert
Spain Bilbao  Jeffery N Frazier
Spain Las Palmas  Adam Hiatt
Spain Madrid  Patrick Oborn
Spain Malaga  Calvin Monson
Spain Seville  Calvin Monson
Spanish-American None
Sweden None
Sweden Goteborg None
Sweden Stockholm  Mark Koncurat
Swedish None
Swiss  Jonathan K Ussery
Swiss and German None
Swiss And Italian None
Swiss Austrian None
Swiss-German None
Swiss, Italian and German None
Switzerland None
Switzerland Geneva  M. Wood
Switzerland Zurich  Jonathan K Ussery

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