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looking for a former comp 28 Sep 2005
I am looking for information on Dale Parker. He served from 1979-1980 origionaly from Hooper UT. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Calvin D. Engh Send Email
Hello 17 Sep 2005
I'm doing ok! Married on 9/7/2001. Anjalee is my wife. She has been battling OVARIAN CANCER since 12/20/2004. No kids yet, but in the Lord's time. I would like pres. & sis. burt's e-mail and phone #.
Robert "Rob" Howard Boudrero III Send Email
Former President and Sister Ensign 13 Aug 2005
Former CHM President and Sister Ensign are currently serving a service mission in China. They left in the spring of 2005. I occasionally hear from them. I have an e-mail routing solely for the purpose of forwarding messages from them and about the CHM. If you would like to be a part of the routing, please e-mail me from this website or with “CHM” in the subject line. Thanks.
Jennifer Going Send Email
Sorry it took a while 22 Apr 2005
Hi, I've been married for a couple of months now. Oops. You can check out some of the photos at
Hyrum Nagata Send Email
President Burt update 02 Apr 2005
I spoke with President Burt. He is still serving as the temple president for the Regina Canada temple. They are doing well and really enjoying their calling. I did inquire as to the status of another mission reunion as I know many are curious. He will be released the fall of 2006 and anticipates holding the next reunion in the spring of 2007. Please pass it along to anyone you may think is interested.
Carrie Ann Baclayon Send Email
Message from the Ensign's 25 Feb 2005
February 2005

Beloved Missionaries:
Thank you for your Christmas cards, messages and pictures of your beautiful children. Sorry we don’t have time to respond to each one individually. But we enjoy the pictures and hearing about your successes.
We have received our next official mission call to China and will be leaving for Beijing April 28th, 2005. The Church has asked us to serve as Senior Advisors to the Chinese Charities Federation which is the umbrella organization coordinating all humanitarian aid in China. We have enjoyed many communiqués from the couple we are replacing telling us about our purpose, accommodations, travel, challenges ect. And we have read several books on China to help us prepare. We are also taking a crash course in Mandarin from the MTC, which is keeping us humble.
Originally, we were asked to leave earlier, however, Heather and Corbin are expecting their second, a son, the latter part of March and we wanted to be available to help her at that time. While it is very difficult to leave family and friends, we have learned that great blessings come while we serve a full time mission.
Of course we don’t know exactly what we will face. We do know that if we live worthy, the Spirit will guide and protect us. We appreciate the love and support of our family and you our dear friends and former missionaries. This is a glorious work the Lord leads through his prophet. Our fervent prayer is that we may be lead in some small measure to further the purposes of the Lord among the people of China.
With our love and greeting,
Elaine and Dale Ensign

Once in China, the Ensign’s will have a new e-mail address.
Jennifer Going Send Email
Engaged 31 Dec 2004
I got engaged to Silvia Miranda. She is also form Brazil. Silvia is graduated in Political Science at BYU. We will be sealed on February 3, on Mnt Timpanogos Temple. More details to come.
Hyrum Nagata Send Email
Christmas Message from President and Sister Ensign 20 Dec 2004
Dear Beloved Missionaries:
Our hearts are turned to each one of you this Christmastime. How far distance separates us we know not. We only know that our hearts feel the closeness that was once and still is ours. Years pass by and we feel happy to learn of your comings and goings. Thanks for your notes and cards.
This year we returned from our mission on the Isle of Man in the England Manchester Mission. In our proselyting activities we came to appreciate each of your missionary work more that you can imagine. Next year we are looking forward to serve a mission in Bejing, China if our health, the Brethren and the Lord be willing. In the meantime we are enjoying our children, their families including grandchildren and great grandchildren.
Someone questioned why we needed to consider yet another mission. The answer is simple - it's called Gethsemane - it's the Atonement. How much can we possibly give in return to Him who gave His all, which includes the restoration of the principles of salvation through the prophet Joseph Smith. We are a blessed people, and we are especially blessed to have served the Lord with you. We love you and pray the blessings of the Lord upon you and yours this Christmastime and always. M. Dale and Elaine Ensign
Jennifer Going Send Email
what should I be prepared for? 02 Oct 2004
I just got my call for the Hartford, Conneticut mission if anyone can give me some pointers of what I should bring or anything I would appreciate that very much. Im really looking forward to my mission. Any info that you think would be helpful is good.

thx ,
future elder lachaga
Erik Kurt Lachaga Send Email
Burt Reunion???? 01 Oct 2004
Has anyone heard if there is going to be a Burt reunion?
Jenifer Ann Winger Send Email
Buttler reunion??? 01 Oct 2004
is there going to be a reunion with Pres. Buttler??? any one know??
Daniel D Grimshaw Send Email
New Missionary 15 Sep 2004
My friend Todd Gehring just flew to Connecticut on August 14th. If there are any members that meet him, let me know how he is doing. Thanks
Annie Beutler Send Email
Mission Reunion 14 Sep 2004
M. Dale and Elaine Ensign (1993-1996)
Friday, October 1, 2004
4350 South 1100 East
7 PM to 9 PM
Visiting and refreshments with a short program at 7:30 PM.
Directions: Take 4500 South exit of either I-15 or I-215. Go to 1100 East and turn north. Go about 1 block. The church is on the west side of the street.
Families are welcome.
Jennifer Going Send Email
engaged 23 Aug 2004
Yep, its true..... took long enough didn't it!
I'm on the hunt for addresses so if you remember "bergy" from the mish please send your address. I'm trying to track people down, but times are a little crazy.

Other than the engagement, I'm working full time and headed back to school to take more classes - I like to torture myself :)

Hope to hear from some of yas.

Blake J Bergeson Send Email
Ensign Reunion 09 Aug 2004
The last I heard, the Ensign's were serving another mission in England. I don't know if they are back yet? (Just Kidding) I just read the news they got back in February from the Isle of Man).
Mary Mellissa Simmons Send Email
Ensign Reunion? 09 Aug 2004
Anybody know about a reunion this fall? It has been a long time.
Brandon C Preece Send Email




TEL. (801) 966-1270

Russell W Deppe Send Email
Burts contact information 28 May 2004
I have the burts home number in Canada if anyone wants it e mail me.
Christopher M. Kovaly Send Email
ct 27 May 2004
Mr. Olson...

I must say that I do like your profile picture :)
Blake J Bergeson Send Email
Contact info for President and Sister Burt 27 May 2004
Hey, I know that Pres. Burt is now the temple president for the Regina temple, but I am having a stinking tough time getting a hold of him.

Anyone have a phone number besides that of the temple?

James Olson
1994 - 1996
James W.C. Olson Send Email
Correction, Reunion 15 Mar 2004
I guess you'd like to know the full address of the mission reunion:

4000 North, 650 East
Provo, UT

april 2
7:00 p.m.

Brandon Lee Smith Send Email
Butlers Mission Reunion: April 2004 12 Mar 2004
Hey all,

I just got the following word from President Butler:

The Hartford Connecticut Mission Reunion: April 2, 2004-7:00pm-4000 North East-Provo. The same building where we have held the reunion before.
Let others know about it and we will also put it in the newspaper.
President Butler

Hope to see yer happy little faces there!
Brandon Smith
Brandon Lee Smith Send Email
Have fun in Connecticutt 18 Feb 2004
Hi Elder Munford,

We hope you are warm and keep up your great spirit. We think you are awesome!

Love from your family in Las Vegas
Madalene Munford Send Email
President and Sister Burt??? 05 Feb 2004
Does anyone know the where abouts of President and Sister Burt?
Eric Gibbs Send Email
Deployed 07 Jan 2004
Hello all, Just wanted to let everyone that I served with konw that I got deployed to Baghdad Iraq with the 1st Cav Division from Ft Hood, Tx. I should be back in 12-15 months. so feel free to drop me a line either through this web site or at
God Bless yall
Daniel N Sternberg Send Email
i'm engaged 01 Jan 2004
hey there everyone i know. i just wanted to give word that i got engaged this past weekend and i need addresses of all my boys from the mish so i can send announcements. i love you guys, drop me a line. is my email.
thanks, spencer hancock
Spencer Eldon Hancock Send Email
hey there! 28 Dec 2003
Just wanted to say Happy Holidays to all you fellow born-again New Englanders; hope your lives will continue to be blessed, that you are all well and happy, and that you'll be with your families this season, unless your family is annoying, then come hang out with MY family! No pesky snow here in wonderful Northern California, just green grass and sweater weather. Anyway, best wishes, be safe, have fun, and take a nap this afternoon!


--thomas voigt
Thomas Eric Voigt Send Email
Season's Greetings from Pres. and Sister Ensign 19 Nov 2003
Our Dear Missionaries,
We are in the last few months of our mission. We have been awed by the
beauty of the Island but more importantly we have learned to love the
Manx people. Living across from England and a large body of the Church,
there are many who never the less are valiant in their testimonies of the
truthfulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We have learned to love the less-active people we visit. Over a period
of fifteen months, with the help of many prayers and plenty of cookies,
we have been invited into their homes and have prayed and read
scriptures with them. Most believe the things we teach are true. Many
have returned to activity but we are praying for many more. Our love for
and knowledge of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ has increased as we
have focused on the work, without television and immersed ourselves in
the scriptures. The more we learn, the more excited we are about this
magnificent Gospel. Scriptures are more interesting than a novel any day
and they are not fiction either, right?

Elder Ensign has been away from football but checks the internet for the
scores each weekend. It is our intention to continue in this same
lifestyle, to set aside the things of the world as much as possible
because it has brought us much peace and happiness. Somehow pleasure is
fleeting and empty and short-lived while real happiness is in things
money can't buy. We still like ice cream and Chinese food, however.

How I wish I had studied the scriptures more in the past and practiced
the piano more in order to serve better. We did buy a keyboard and have
both accompanied for sacrament meeting. We have learned to appreciate
the young missionaries more as we try to do what we asked you to do in
Connecticut. As we tract we have been taunted by children and had doors
slammed in our faces.

We have learned from some members here to be positive, cheerful and
faithful regardless of our circumstances. For instance:
Violet is in constant pain with severe osteoporosis, has lost four of
her seven children from heart disease, cancer, hydrocyphalis and a farm
accident. She has taught seminary for years each school morning to one
student at a time and is one of the most adorable, fun women I have ever

Martha has never married, her only relative is a sister in a mental
institution, she has chromes disease, yet her testimony is rock solid
and we can't remember her without a smile. A remarkable teacher of
Gospel Doctrine, we've never known anyone who radiates such joy as she
does when she leads the music. Her one weakness is chocolate and she
reminds us that next to Kolob, the planet where Heavenly Father lives,
is Kokobeam, which means that there is chocolate in heaven. (Ref.
Abraham page 5)

Elder Ensign was given wellies, rubber boots for Christmas last year and
I have been encouraging him to help the Bishop help milk the cows but
he didn't think he could. Well, when Celeste came and wanted to do that,
he also did and now about 4:oo p.m. some days he will say, "I wonder if
the Bishop needs help bringing in the cows." The relationship between
the 40 yr. Old farmer Bishop and my husband is very tender, they have a
wonderful time together and love for each other. It will be difficult to
say goodbye to these people because we won't be returning and will
probably not see them again until Heaven.

I'll not forget the time Elder Ensign left to go with the Bishop to give
callings to two wonderful less-active men we had been working with for
months. We knelt in prayer before he left and it was our hope that one
of them would accept. I eagerly awaited his return and when he walked in
the door and told me they had both accepted we wept for joy. One of
those men is now ward clerk and his wife a counselor in the Relief
We still can't believe we were so blessed as to have a flat overlooking
the Irish Sea. The ever-changing scenes, the spectacular beauty of the
sea and of all nature is such a gift. We know we were allowed this flat
to use in our mission work and we have many gatherings, discussions,
dinners, firesides here.

We will always remember the faces, the accents, the children, the duck
races, church picnics ( where full of pride I jumped over the wall and
broke my tailbone but got up smiling too proud to admit it and serves me
right for showing off), walks in the glens, church bells, sand castle
contests on the beach, the rain, "spot on", "cheerio", "pop in",
"gorgeous food", "whilst", the castles, the green rolling hills with
rock walls, daffodils in the spring, the heather in the fall and praying
mightily for help when we needed guidance and receiving it.

We are grateful we have so much to return to , including a beautiful
baby girl born last week to our Heather, and look forward to seeing you
. Each one of you has a place in our hearts and we will cherish you
eternally. We pray you will be blessed with the peace and joy the Gospel

Much Love, Elder and Sister Ensign
Jennifer Going Send Email
Lost missionaries 14 Nov 2003
I am trying to locate two missionaries who served in this mission almost 20 years ago. Michael Adams and Troy Veteto. Any one out there know anything about either of them. Thanks
Nancy Steven Send Email
Brian Ashton 13 Nov 2003
Hey, I'm looking for contact info for Elder Brian Ashton. He served under President Butler.
Brian Seavey Send Email
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