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Contact info.. 11 Nov 2003
Looking for Elder Barton who served under Pres. Harris & Pres. Angus. If anyone has any contact info. on his whereabouts please let me know. Thanks.

Jonathan Meyers
Jonathan Meyers Send Email
Donald Butler 05 Nov 2003
I am looking for Pres. Donald Butler's home address- If anyone has this, please foreward it to me. Thanks
Andrew Fisher
Andrew Fisher Send Email
Brother George Peck 28 Oct 2003
For any of you who served in the Goshen area, I just wanted to let you know that Brother George Peck passed away yesterday, Oct. 27, 2003. He was very sick with cancer that rapidly spread through his body. I know how much Brother and Sister Peck loved you guys who served there, so if any of you are interested in writing to Sister Peck, I know she'd love it. If you need her information, you can just e-mail me and I will get you the information.
take care
Amy Wall Send Email
Note from the Ensign's 25 Mar 2003
Dear Missionaries,
Hope all is well with you. We are now having to put into practice all we expected of all of you. It's hard work but rewarding. We are seeing some fruits of our labors and words can't describe the joy we feel when less actives we have been working with walk through the chapel doors.
My dear husband is a true missionary. His shoes are getting shabby and his suits shiny, but he keeps going. You would be proud of him. We have moved.

Queens Mansion #4
Queens Promenade
Douglas, Isle of Man
1M2 4ND
Jennifer Going Send Email
Reunion... 17 Mar 2003
President: Donald J Butler 1999-2002
Date: Friday, Apr. 4, 2003, 7:00 p.m.
Location: Edgemont 4th Ward chapel 4000 North 650 East Provo
Activities: Casual dress, light refreshments
Jen Palladino Send Email
Reunion 13 Mar 2003
Does anyone Know when or if there will be a reunion for the missionaries who served under Pres. Harris Thanks
Brent Gordon Bergquist Send Email
Pres. Burt 23 Dec 2002
Can anyone tell me how to get a hold of Pres. and Sis. Burt. Thanks
Chad Webster Send Email
Christmas Letter from Elder and Sister Ensign 22 Dec 2002
December 2002
Our Beloved Missionaries,

This time of year brings us thoughts of loved ones, and so we are writing to you. Each name, each face, each one of you is very dear to us.
As missionaries, we have to find our own way to reach the people, and so we are trying to be innovative. We made plates of cookies last month, and it was surprising how many less actives warmed up to us. Elder Ensign has been put into the bishopric here. The bishop is “married” to 70 milk cows and is great. He is sort of the “Moses” and Elder Ensign, the “Aaron.”
We tried the egg-in-a-bottle demonstration, but we couldn’t get the egg to go down, and with 6 drops of lighter fluid, the match almost blew up the kitchen. So much for that.
We are in charge of the Christmas pageant, and are inviting the children of the inactive to participate. Of 19 angels, only 5 are active. Of 13 shepherds, only 5 are active, and all the wise men are inactive. We had two Mary’s, but I’m teaching one to lead the music, so that settled that. Inactive members are narrators, and some more are helping with costumes. About three families have had the leadership for 25 years, and we are trying to get them to “reach out.” All I want for Christmas is to have these inactive members, we have come to love, attend Sacrament Meeting on December 22nd.
We tract, and I’m not as frightened as at first. One in a thousand joins the church from tracting, so I’m counting backwards as we go house to house.
And what are you doing for Christmas this year? Will you be with parents, nieces and nephews, children of your own, spouses, and friends? To think so much time has lapsed. We hope you are happy and healthy, and enjoying the marvelous blessings of the Gospel. That’s why we’re here because it is the greatest and most important thing in our lives.
We expect to have a computer soon, but knowing how to use it is something else. We plan to have e-mail as well.
Please know of our love for each one of you and our cherished memories. Hug each other for us.
We’ll be home February 2004. Wish we could share these great events with you, but we’ll catch up when we get back.
Love you all. Wish we could see you.
Elder and Sister Ensign
Jennifer Going Send Email
Gramms 09 Dec 2002
Does any one have an address for "Gramms"? I need to send her a Christmas card.
Daniel D Grimshaw Send Email
Reunion 23 Sep 2002
Anyone know of any get togethers for President Ensign's missionaries? I know we can't really have a reunion since the Ensign's are in England but it would be nice to be able to get together before 18 months is up.
Brandon C Preece Send Email
Letter from the Ensigns 19 Sep 2002
Sept. 2002
Beloved Missionaries,
You are often in our thoughts these days as we begin our mission. We are down in the “trenches” these days—regular missionaries. Pres. Ensign has to report to our district leader the daily miles on the car even though we rent it and buy the fuel. He got in trouble the first week because he only recorded it weekly.
We have spent the first two weeks seeking out the inactive. Brigham Young didn’t lay out the streets. In fact, my husband says the man who did had had too much to drink.
We are invited to dinner at members’ homes, and we are leaving thank you notes. Also, I keep the apartment clean and study my scriptures. We have to work harder on comp study. People give us food, and that’s hard on me because we have always been on the giving end instead of the receiving end.
Today, Doug and Paul Phillips came to church, and the Pres. Was so excited you’d have thought he’d made a hole in one. We had visited them because they hadn’t been to church in a year. I think of you, too, when people turn us away or say they have left the church.
It is beautiful and charming on the Isle of Man with gorgeous flowers.
You should know that we visited an inactive man while his wife chain smoked, and two big dogs licked the President’s face, and they kept saying, “Don’t go.” We appreciate you more than we ever did before and love you—everyone. You are a joy in our lives.
Bless you,
Elder and Sister Ensign
Jennifer Going Send Email
Thanks! 01 Jul 2002
Thanks Curtis for getting our site up and running. I'm thrilled to have the resource. Good work!

Also President Donald J. Butler is having his homecoming July 28th 2002 in Provo, for anyone who served under him.

Again thank you for a great website.
Delayna Nicole Breckon Send Email
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