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Czech Party with Czech Freiends 12 May 2006
Ahoj Czech Friends,

As many of you may know Jirka Matejcek has finished his mission in Tempe, Arizona. His mom, Eva Matejckova and two other members from the Prague Branch (Mirek Tichy and Jana Rezkova) came to the USA to pick him up. They will be returning home in just over a week -- May 23rd.

There are many of you they would love to see -- but since they will be in Arizona until next Thursday; they are also very pressed for time before they take off. To accommodate those of you who would like to see them -- we have arranged a Czech gathering on Saturday, 20 May 2006. This invitation is open to all who would like to come.

So from 3:30-5:30pm at the church building on 4th Ave and 'P' Street (in the Avenues) Salt Lake City, there will be a Czech party. You are invited to bring some type of food to share with 6 people, but don’t feel obligated.

OK .. so here are the important details:

What: Czech Party
When: Saturday, May 20, 2006 at 3:30 to 5:30pm
Where: 4th Avenue and 'P' Street chapel in Salt Lake City

Hope to see you all there.
Brian Rietbrock

P.S. If you know of anyone that might also like to come give them a call, spread the word.
Brian Rietbrock Send Email
Messages 05 May 2006
Thank you so much for continually posting fantastic opportunities for all of us. I really appreciate it and I'm sure many others do as well.
Jonathan Bruce Woodbury Send Email
CES fireside in Czech 05 May 2006
Join us this Sunday May 7 @ 6.00 PM online to listen to Czech translation of the CES fireside. More info LDS.ORG. Mejte s emoc a moc krasne a ozvete se.
Petr Svetr Kilometr
Petr Ruda Send Email
I need help! 12 Apr 2006
I have been putting off writing this email for about a year and a half. It's been a sort of selfish desire to keep control of the site. I have finally realized that I need to let go and get some help. I just do not have the time to be the sole webmaster anymore. I don't want to completely relinquish the title because I still have some ideas for the site. I usually never get a chance to act on them because the time that I do have to devote to the site, I spend checking emails.

I would like someone who will have a little more time to check emails and things to be sort of a "co-webmaster." You would have access to the whole site (or at least as much as I do). You would also check the email address and help people get their passwords and such.

So, here's what I'm looking for: I need someone who first of all has some time to devote to this, someone who has some HTML, and JavaScript knowledge, and someone who really has some ideas for the site. I know some people have contacted me in the past, but I hadn't been ready to give up my precious. I'm now ready to give up some control. If you are interested, please contact me ASAP.

Hope to hear from you soon. I love horses.

Caleb Pusey Send Email
Preach My Gospel now available in Slovak 06 Apr 2006
The missionaries in the Czech Prague Mission got their new copies a month ago. Now we can order it here in the States!
It is not available online, but if you call Church Distribution at 800-537-5971 they will take orders. The product number is 36617176. They are $6 each. I ordered two copies and they did not charge me shipping. (Allow two weeks for delivery within the USA.)
Paul Bingham Send Email
Czech/Slovak Speaking Job in Provo 29 Mar 2006
Thought someone may have some interest in this:

The two Eastern & Central Europe sales positions require either Czech or Slovak.

Good luck.
Alex McArthur Send Email
Reunion on April 8 29 Mar 2006
I just found out about a reunion being held in Bountiful on April 8, and I posted it under "Reunions" to the right of the page! I hope I can go!
Nathaniel Golden Davis Send Email
Czech day 29 Mar 2006
Ahoj everybody, the spring is here and I am thinking of organizing Czechoslovakian day in Utah. It will be for RM, families, children, friends, members living here and for everyone to have good old time. Czech food will be there too. Would anyone be interested in helping me doing that? If not I will do it anyway and you ALL are welcome to come. Let me know
S laskou
Petr Ruda (
Petr Ruda Send Email
Reunions in Canada 21 Mar 2006
What about reunions for RM's in Canada?? Any of those happening? I would love to see everyone, but I can't travel all the way to Utah!
Christine Elizabeth Grosjean Send Email
Reunions... 21 Mar 2006
I agree. I would love to see more. I'll even play host if people are willing to go. It may be a little late for this conference but I'll do it if I get a little help. Any takers?
Jonathan Bruce Woodbury Send Email
Reunions 21 Mar 2006
Just wondered if there is a reunion scheduled for April 2006. And, why aren't we having more reunions? For some of us it is the only contact we get with the Czech/Slovak world! We wish we had more excuses to get together.
Christine Pack Send Email
General conference 06 Mar 2006
Pratele, vsechny vas co nejsrdecneji zdravim a tesim se opet s vami pracovat na generalni konferenci konane 1. a 2. dubna, pred konferenci je take vysilani pro zeny. Dejte mi prosim vedet zda budete moc pomoc, abychom mohli vse naplanovat
Petr Ruda 801-836-9823

PS. Posledni trening pred konferenci se bude konat 18. brezna od 8-11.00 rano v konferencnim centru a pokud byste chteli pomoc s konferenci musite se zucastnit tohoto treninku. Je opravdu skvely! Dekuji
Petr Ruda Send Email
Conference training 22 Feb 2006
Feb. 25th, 2006 from 8.00-11.00 is the training for the new interpreters. If you want to help us please contact me for further info. Thank you for everything!! You are the greatest!
Petr - 801-836-9823
Petr Ruda Send Email
Conference news! 09 Jan 2006
General Conferences are going to be done over in the Czech Republic. It is all done because of the growth of the church and lilmited space in the conference center. Anyway it is a good news for the families of the interpretors. We are still going to do the interpretations of the CES firesides, trainings etc. So it is going to be a little bit more complicated but not bad. Thanks for all your help. Love Petr
Petr Ruda Send Email
Moving Back to Utah 06 Jan 2006
!!!We are moving back to Zion (Utah)!!! Jamie is still in Oregon selling the house. We will likely hunker down in Utah County somewhere. You can always contact me by email at
Scott D. Preston Send Email
New interpreters training 06 Jan 2006
Training for the new interpreters is going to be held on Saturday Jan. 14,2006 @ 8.00AM in the Conference Center. If you are interested send me an e-mail ( or call me 801-836-9823 and I will put your name on the security list. Thanks and hope to see you there.
Petr Ruda Send Email
New Information WTF 01 Dec 2005
Come Czech out the new information on the Wallace Toronto Foundation page. Click here or just follow the link at the bottom of the menu to the right.
Caleb Pusey Send Email
Czech fairy tales free radio! 20 Nov 2005
Uz to neni ani mozny, ale je to fakt. Ceske radio vysila pohadky na internetu. Preji krasny poslech!
Tady je web adresa:
Petr Ruda Send Email
Czech Hymns 19 Nov 2005
I have about 23 czech hymns on my web site if anyone is interested. Just replying to aa message.
Matthew Fox Send Email
Mluvite dobre cesky? 13 Nov 2005
Hledame nove talenty pro "iterpretation". Zavolejte mi 801-836-9823.
Dik moc Petr
Petr Ruda Send Email
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