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Translation...again 03 Nov 2004
Of course we talked about it....but, hey, that was eight years ago!! I hadn't really heard anything since I have been in the States so I just thought it was forgotten. I guess not. I wish we could get more current mission news to post on this site. If anyone has news from the field, feel free to post it here.

Caleb Pusey Send Email
New Arrival in May 02 Nov 2004
First of all, sorry for that last message posting twice. It gave me an error message the first time.

Anyway, I posted this announcement on my profile, but many may not read that. Lisa and I are excited to announce that she is pregnant and due in May. We heard the baby's heartbeat last month--what an awesome rush! There's still a long road ahead, but Lisa is doing great! We love you all.

Daniel James Bergantz Send Email
New translation-long time waiting 02 Nov 2004
Danielson, didn't we ever talk about the Book of Mormon being updated when we were companions? I apologize if I didn't ever bring it up. I was told ever since I was a greeny in the mission that an updated translation of the
Book of Mormon was in the works, as well as the D&C & the Pearl of Great Price. It's been a long time coming. But I'm with you, when & where can we buy copies?

Dan Bergantz
Daniel James Bergantz Send Email
the new translation 01 Nov 2004
the new translation has been in the works for a few years now and just barely went to the printers. I imagine it wont be long before its available to us all. Look for the new translation of the D&C and Pearl of Great Price in triple combination format.
Adam Mitchell Clark Send Email
New Translation? 01 Nov 2004
I didn't even hear about a new translation coming out. How long has it been out? How long will it be before we can purchase a copy for ourselves?

Caleb Pusey Send Email
You Missed Out! 04 Oct 2004
Hello all you RM's out there. Boy, did you miss out. The online reunion went off without a hitch on Saturday night. Of course, with only 3 people chatting, it wasn't too difficult. We had a lot of fun and got to know each other since we hadn't actually served together. But it was great to just talk to someone from the mission.

We WILL BE DOING THIS AGAIN so plan for it. We'll plan for it right after the priesthood session again next year unless someone would rather do it at a different time. In any event, we'd love to have more people there.

Oh, and if anyone has a report/pictures from the other reunions that happened this weekend, we'd love to hear about it.
Caleb Pusey Send Email
Reminder - Online Reunion 01 Oct 2004
Just a reminder that the Online Mission Reunion will be tomorrow (10-2-04) immediately following the priesthood session. I have 20 minute drive so I probably won't be online until about 9:30 (Central Time), but don't let that stop you from logging on. Oh yeah, remember, you need to log on before you can use the chat function.

"See" you then...
Caleb Pusey Send Email
reunion 28 Sep 2004
Does anyone know of a reunion for Morrell or Watkins?
Dusti Ondryas Send Email
czeching in 16 Sep 2004
Hey, Danielson, this site is amazing. Very impressed with your internetocological skills.

Wanted to let everyone know, I was living in Chicago this summer, and there are 10 or 12 really good Czech restaurants on the West side. Svickova, ovocne knedlicky, zeli, even smazeny syr. Honestly, everything was just like I remember it. The waitresses were even rude. Anyway, if any of you are ever near the city, it's worth the couple miles out of your way.

Hi to anyone I know. I'm living in DC now, still in school. Frightening, isn't it. If anybody's ever in town, look me up.

Cauec, Cory
Cory Brown Send Email
Back in touch 15 Sep 2004
Just trying to get back in touch. It has been awhile. I served 1999-2001.
Kyle Wendel Walton Send Email
Mission Reunion - Chidesters! 15 Sep 2004
Attention Attention! All those who served with President and Sister Chidester!!
The first bi-annual(for now) Chidester Czech, Prague Mission Reunion has been planned and is officially taking place this coming conference weekend!!
Because of the central locality, the reunion will be taking place in Provo. We hope that everyone will be able to make it.

Friday, October 1, 2004

218 Riverbend Lane
suite #200
Provo, UT 84604

Stay tuned and I will post a map as well as instructions.
We would also like everyone to bring a SMALL desert or treat. Keyword: small.
After socializing we will have a short "program" beginning at about 7:30PM. and then resume the fun.

See you soon! Any questions just email or call me.

-Emron Grover
Emron K Grover Send Email
Translators Needed for Slovak 06 Sep 2004
The Church is looking to begin translating General Conference in Slovak this upcoming session in October. If you served in Slovakia and have been keeping up on your language abilities, please contact Remi Mataoa at

Translating for the Church is truly a wonderful opportunity for which you will be greatly blessed.
Daniel James Bergantz Send Email
Election 2004 30 Aug 2004
One thing that missionaries who have served in the Czech Republic and Slovakia can agree on, is that what we have as Americans is truly precious.

During this election year I have been engaged in registering unregistered voters, and helping with the election process in whatever way I can. I encourage all of you to get involved in your communities in whatever way you can. At a minimum, please register to vote and then vote in November. If you have not registered, you still have all of September to do so. God bless America!!
John Adam Jay Send Email
The Forgotten Mission Christmas Card of 1998 20 Aug 2004
I knew I had this somewhere! I was looking through some things the other day and came across it. When I was serving in the office, we had put this together and then were informed from Salt Lake that we couldn't do Christmas cards anymore. Needless to say, it was never sent out. I just thought I would post the pictures here and let everyone see it who was serving at that time. You can find it at:

I hope you all enjoy it! Maj sa!
Darrell M. Phippen Send Email
Toronto Foundation Update 31 Jul 2004
Just a note to say there are some updates on the Wallace Toronto Foundation page. Anyone in Utah or surrounding areas should really plan on going to their activity. It's a great cause. Czech it out.
Caleb Pusey Send Email
Missionary Work in Slovakia 22 Jul 2004
Hello Everyone!!

My wife and I just got back from a two week vacation in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. It was the first time I have been back since I finished my mission in late 2000. We got to see castles in Slovakia, visit Prague, and stay with the Seidls in Zilina. It was awesome.
Anyway, I am posting this message with regards to the current missionary work in Slovakia. Currently, missionaries in Slovakia can only serve three months in Slovakia because then their visas expire. Now, there are only eight missionaries in Slovakia. The Trencin branch has not had missionaries in quite a while. Both the Zilina and Trencin branches are struggling in their respective ways. I suggest that we remember the work in Slovakia in our fast in August, or at anytime. Hopefully, with the admission of Slovakia into the EU, and the conformance of Slovak laws with EU laws, the path for missionary work in Slovakia will be widened. Please remember the members and the Lord's work in Slovakia in your prayers and fasting.
John Adam Jay Send Email
Chidesters 14 Jul 2004
The Chidesters are home!!! Their homecoming is on sunday at 9:00 am at 720 E. 550 N. in Bountiful. Hope to see ya' there,
Puz :-)
Caleb Alan Pusey Send Email
Chidester 14 Jul 2004
Hey, anyone know the address and time of President's Homecoming?
Blake Evan Terry Send Email
mission home address 09 Jul 2004
hey the e-mail to the mission home, at least the one that i have from last year is:, cool?? Let me know if it works. Later,
Caleb Alan Pusey Send Email
email address 09 Jul 2004
I am trying to find the email address for the mission home. Is there one? Does anyone have it?
Robert D Hunt Send Email
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