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Mission City List 13 Jan 2009
Hello again...
Does anyone out there (like someone who just got home) have an updated list of current Mission Cities. I never even had a complete list on the site, but would like to have one. If anyone would like to take the task to write a brief "article" about one of the cities, I would be more than happy to let you. You would just need to do one (more if you'd like). I've been away for awhile, so my resources are limited.

Caleb Pusey Send Email
Website Cleanup 13 Jan 2009
Hi there...
I'm going to be going through the site and do some housekeeping very soon. I'll be deleting old messages, deleting bounced emails and doing some slight modifications to layout and such (you probably noticed the beginning of this on the front page).

Anyway, if there is anything that you need from the message or news section of the site prior to 2008, please make a copy for yourself somewhere because I'm going to clean it up. I'll try to figure out how to make an archive copy of all the messages, but for practical purposes, they'll be gone.

If you have feedback or suggestions, please contact me.

Caleb Pusey Send Email
Missionaries video 16 Sep 2008
Here is the latest video of the missionaries working in Brno. Enjoy!
Petr J. Ruda Send Email
Will be in UTAH 26 Aug 2008
Ahoj everyone,Just for those who know me and may be I didn't contact you yet..I will be in Utah from 30/8 to 13/9. So if you want drop me a mail on would love to hear from you.
Marketa Hulova (Kalenska) Send Email
stara Kniha Mormon 16 Aug 2008
vim, ze hodne (byvalych) misionaru se vyptavalo kde jsem sehnal tu malou, cervenou knihu mormonovu .... kluci byli pravi americti byznysmani :-D Nabizeli zajimave ceny! ;-)
tak fajn ...
Nasel jsem pro vas na aukci malou, cervenou KM na prodej! :-)
zde je odkaz, mate-li zajem:
aukce KM
Wlastik Holík Send Email
New Recipes 03 Aug 2008
New Recipes have been added to the recipe page. Click Here to learn how to make knedliky, zeli, and more. Click Here to submit a recipe, or just add it to the recipe page.
Caleb Pusey Send Email
Searching for Travis Brown 01 Aug 2008
Do any of you know where to find Travis Brown? If so, could you let me know how to get in touch with him? I appreciate any help I can get. Please send any information to Thanks.
Ryan Holden Send Email
Floods in Slovakia 27 Jul 2008
This website has a video about the floods in East Slovakia. If you have any connection to Slovakia and plan to fast next week this could be a great reason.

Petr R.
Petr J. Ruda Send Email
Radio Article 23 Jul 2008
Cau everybody, here is a great article from the Czech Radio and guess what, it is in English! Anyway Happy Pioneer Day!!!



my blog:
Petr J. Ruda Send Email
Toronto Foundation Family Event - Time Change 25 Jun 2008
Hello All,

A quick clarification, the Wallace Toronto Summer Family Event time has changed to 12:00 p.m. All of the other details (as posted in the previous message) are the same. If you have any questions, please send an email to
Daniel James Bergantz Send Email
Toronto Foundation Summer Family Event - June 28th 02 Jun 2008
It’s that time again. The Wallace Toronto Foundation is holding its annual summer family event. Make plans to come and enjoy great Czech food and some serious socializing. This year’s event will be held on Saturday June 28th from 4-8 pm at Lone Peak Park in Sandy Utah.

The foundation will provide the food and some of the fun. You get to bring the rest. Bring your whole family and invite everyone you know who has ties to the Czech & Slovak Republics.

Not only will we be eating great food and socializing, but come to hear a report on our 2007 projects in the Czech & Slovak Republics and our big plans for the rest of 2008.

This year, our project will be held September 19th and 20th in Bohemia. It is a project that will make an impact in the lives of children. You can get involved in many ways, so come to find out how.

Who: You, Your Family, Your Friends
Date: June 28th, 2008
Time: 4-8 pm
Place: Lone Peak Park
10140 South 700 East
Sandy Utah
What to Bring: A simple desert to share

Please RSVP to

See you there

Board of Directors
The Wallace Toronto Foundation
Daniel James Bergantz Send Email
Exchange Student Families 17 Apr 2008
Dear Friends,

Congratulations to the Toronto Foundation for their wonderful accomplishments over the past five years! It’s exciting to see so many successes from the efforts of Czech members, returned missionaries, and friends.

I’m writing with an update on our Czech student exchange program. As many of you know, we have had seven high school students come to Utah for a semester of school over the past year. Overall, it has been a wonderful experience for the students, their host families, and all who have come in contact with them. They have had opportunities to improve their English, experience a different culture, and build lasting relationships.

We are excited to inform you that a group of seven Czech students will be arriving in the fall. These students will stay for a full year of high school, and will be joined by another group arriving in January for a semester-long stay. We are currently making arrangements for these students, and would ask for your assistance in finding good host families for them.

The students are both boys and girls from 15-17 years old. They are the best students and English speakers in their schools and have been carefully selected for this program. These students are not LDS, but are aware that they will be living in Utah, likely with LDS families. They each agree to live by a code of conduct during their stay that prohibits drinking, smoking, and inappropriate relations with the opposite sex. They also agree to follow rules specific to their host family.

If you are interested in hosting one of these students for the school year, or have any friends or family who may be interested, please contact Owen Fuller ( or myself. We are looking for families who are welcoming, kind, flexible, and financially able to support another person. We are open to considering families anywhere in Salt Lake or Utah Counties. Please contact us soon as we will be finalizing the host families in the next few weeks.

We’ve been very happy with the growth and success of this program. Thank you so much for your continuing support!

Stephanie Williamson
Stephanie Williamson Send Email
Wallace F Toronto Foundation - 5 Year Anniversary! 08 Apr 2008
The Wallace F. Toronto Foundation, a Utah-based public charity established to support community-based educational, goodwill, and humanitarian projects in the Czech and Slovak Republics, recently celebrated the fifth anniversary of its founding in April 2003. Over the last five years, the Foundation has raised more than $60,000 in funds from individual donors. Those funds have been used to facilitate and sponsor a wide variety of worthwhile and substantial projects in the Czech and Slovak Republics, including a highly-successful academic tutoring and mentoring center for underprivileged minority students in Prague, Czech Republic, the construction of a local park in Belusa, Slovakia, the official registration of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Slovakia in 2006, and several other projects in cooperation with reputable and trustworthy Czech and Slovak-based charities and municipalities.

Perhaps the most exciting development over the last five years has been the Foundation’s annual community-based service project. Building on the Foundation’s expertise displayed with the organization and execution of the official registration campaign of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Slovakia in 2006, the Foundation now organizes and sponsors an annual in-country community-based service project during the third week of September. In September 2007, the Foundation partnered with Caritas, the charitable arm of the Catholic Church in the Czech Republic, to provide more than 1,000 hours of volunteer labor and funds sufficient to provide much-needed medical equipment to two elder care facilities and one hospice in Ostrava, Czech Republic.

The annual project model helps foster and encourage broad community-level volunteer involvement. More than 130 volunteers from the U.S., the Czech Republic, and Slovakia - primarily members, former-missionaries, and missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints - gathered in Ostrava to participate in last year’s service project. A commemorative book documenting this highly-publicized event was prepared and distributed to government, church and Caritas officials. The Foundation’s financial contribution to the Ostrava project helped procure all the needed project-related supplies such as paint, garden tools, equipment rentals, etc., purchase desperately needed medical supplies for Caritas, and provide overnight accommodations and meals to all of the volunteers and families who came to participate in the Ostrava project.

The Toronto Foundation appreciates all those who have lent their time and support. For additional materials or information regarding the Toronto Foundation and its work in the Czech and Slovak Republics, please visit the Toronto Foundation website at
Daniel James Bergantz Send Email
Benefit Dinner and Auction Postponed 28 Mar 2008
Dear Friends,

We think that we have already let everyone know, but just in case you haven't heard yet, the benefit dinner and auction has been
postponed from the original March 29, 2008 date. The exact date is yet
to be set, but will most likely be in September 2008.

We are very excited about the direction things are going for the fundraiser event and appreciate your understanding and patience with us in regards to the date change. We made the decision to postpone the
event in order to make it larger and to enable some well known people to get involved who will help us promote it.

Thank you for your support and please contact us with any questions about this event.

Patrick Sedivy
Owen Fuller - 801.427.4352

The Always Remember Foundation
Owen Reed Fuller Send Email
Tuckovi, Holubovi, & Janouskovi will be in Utah 21 Mar 2008
Dear Friends,

Jan and Katerina Holubovi from Plzen, Jan and Jana Tuckovi from Ceske Budejovice, and Ivo and Ivana Janouskovi from Zlin will be arriving in Salt Lake City on the evening of March 29, 2008. They will be here through April 7. We are so excited to have them with us for General Conference, and thankful for the support of many people who has made their trip possible. Thank you!

The Always Remember Foundation

If you would like to get together with them while they are here, below is a rough outline of their schedule. You're welcome to join them for any of the activities below and to invite them over to your home when it works for you. If you want to accompany them for a full day, or come to the Grand Canyon with us, the more the merrier! To coordinate a visit with them while they're here, send an email to or call Owen at 801.427.4352.

29. They arrive in the evening and rest.
30. Sacrament meeting in Pleasant Grove. Sight-seeing drive around the area.
31. Visit BYU, MTC, and enjoy an FHE.

1. Visit welfare square, museum of family history, temple square, and attend the Salt Lake temple.
2. Vylet to the Grand Canyon. We will stop by Zions on the way there, and sleep at a hotel near the Grand Canyon.
3. We will stop by Bryce Canyon on our way back from the Grand Canyon, and arrive back in Utah County late Thursday evening.
4. A day for another temple visit, shopping, relaxing and visiting with friends in the area.
5. General Conference in Salt Lake City.
6. General Conference in Salt Lake City.
7. A bit more time for visiting friends, and preparing to leave. (they leave late Monday night/Early Tuesday Morning)
Owen Reed Fuller Send Email
Auction Invitation 07 Mar 2008
Dobry Den!
We are writing to remind you of the first annual benefit dinner and auction hosted by the Always Remember Foundation. This semi-formal event will take place on Saturday, March 29, 2008 at 5:30pm at the Elks Lodge in Provo (1000 S. University Ave.). The evening will include a nice dinner, a special musical performer, a silent auction including a variety of items ranging in price, and a live auction of higher ticket items. Some of the higher ticket items already donated for this event include a wedding gown, autographed pictures of Utah Jazz players, diamond earrings, paintings by Simon Dewey and Liz Lemon Swindle, a family portrait package, a convertible Cadillac, and two new pianos. Our M.C. for the event will be Brooke Walker, host of “Studio 5” on KSL TV. It should be a very enjoyable evening and we hope that you’ll be able to join us.
This fundraising event is intended not only for Czech return missionaries, but for anyone who may be interested in participating. Please invite any family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, and business associates who may wish to attend. Tickets for this event are selling quickly, so we encourage you to respond soon to secure seats for you and your guests. Tickets for the evening are $30 each. Please contact Owen Fuller at 801-427-4352 or by email to arrange for your tickets (
All proceeds from the benefit dinner and auction will directly support the projects of the Always Remember Foundation. One of our projects is bringing members of the Church, who otherwise could not afford to come on their own, to Salt Lake City for General Conference. Members who have come through our program have expressed to us how much their testimonies have grown. One member said that his testimony grew more in the 10 days he spent here than in his entire life previous to his stay in SLC. Another project of ours is bringing students from the Czech Republic to Utah for a semester or two of high school. All of the students who have come benefited greatly from our program. Our efforts are also resulting in great relationships with government officials and others. This fundraising event will help us to pursue these and similar projects in an effort to enable returned missionaries, along with their friends and family, to serve and stay connected with the people and country they came to love as missionaries.
We hope to see you for this exciting evening, and wish you the very best.
The Always Remember Foundation
Stephanie Williamson Send Email
Dinner Invitation 01 Feb 2008
Dear Returned Missionaries and Friends,

On Saturday March 29, 2008 The Always Remember Foundation will be holding its first annual benefit dinner and auction. This semi-formal event at the Elks Lodge in Provo will include dinner, a special musical performer, a silent auction and a live auction of an impressive assortment of items and services. We want to send a personal invitation for this event by mail to everyone who is interested in participating. Tickets for the evening are $30 each.

All the proceeds from the event will go to support the projects of The Always Remember Foundation. So far we have brought 10 Czech members to Salt Lake City to experience General Conference and 7 Czech high school students to Utah for a semester of school. This annual benefit dinner and auction will help us to pursue these and similar projects in an effort to enable returned missionaries, along with their friends and family, to serve and stay connnected with the people and country they came to love as missionaries.

If you are interesting in coming, please write to by Feb. 6 with your mailing address, along with the address of anyone else who you would like us to send an invitation to. As this fundraising event is not intended to be solely for Czech returned missionaries, please consider anyone who may enjoy the evening, and who may be willing and able to participate. We would be thrilled to send an invitation to anyone you suggest, such as your parents, grandparents, friends, extended family, co-workers, neighbors, business professionals, and associates. Please contact those whom you would like us to invite to let them know the invitation will be coming, and if necessary, to get their mailing address.

We hope to see you there, and thank you in advance for helping us spread the word about this exciting event.

Best regards,

Owen Fuller
Owen Reed Fuller Send Email
Funeral of pres. Hinckley 01 Feb 2008
Dear RMs, live broadcast will be available in Czech and in Slovak of the funeral services for President Gordon B. Hinckley. It will start at 11:00 am and you can find the broadcast link on-line Petr R.
Petr Ruda Send Email
Elder Harrison Matthews 16 Jan 2008
I have just received the sadest of news, so brace yourself. Here is the note I received from a friend of his:

My name is Jordan Wilde. I see you are the creator of a group for the Czech Prague Mission. My friend Harrison Matthews served his mission there. I apologize for the bad news if you haven't heard (and if you knew him), but Harrison passed away this afternoon (Jan 16). Could you please let people in your group know (so those who knew him on the mission will know)?
He found out last August that he had leukemia, and had been in treatment since then. I can probably find answers to questions if you have people ask you. Thanks for doing this - I will probably send this message to other admins in the group.

I replied and asked him to email me about the funeral. I will let you know what I find out. Let's be sure to pray for the family. This has to be a hard time for all of them.
Bryson Jack Spencer Send Email
Continued Support & Partnership with Nová škola 03 Jan 2008
Subject Line: Toronto Foundation Announces Continued Support and Partnership with the Nová škola Foundation in Prague

The Toronto Foundation is pleased to announce its continued support and partnership with the Nová škola (New School) Foundation based in Prague, Czech Republic. In addition to its support of the Rozlety after-school mentoring program, the Toronto Foundation made a substantial contribution in December 2007 of textbooks and other reference materials to be used by Nová škola’s students.

Nová škola provides underprivileged children from a variety of cultural and socio-economic backgrounds the additional academic support and encouragement to succeed academically. Most Nová škola students are from the minority Romany community among whom illiteracy and drop-out rates are substantially higher than average in the Czech Republic.

For more information about Nová škola and the sponsorship efforts of the Toronto Foundation please visit the Toronto Foundation’s website at

The Toronto Foundation is a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) organization based in Salt Lake City, Utah that supports grassroots humanitarian and educational projects in the former Czechoslovakia. Established in March of 2003 by a group of returned missionaries, the Toronto Foundation has funded and sponsored numerous projects in the Czech and Slovak Republics in large part due to the generous tax deductible contributions of its friends and supporters. To learn more about the Toronto Foundation, please visit its website at
Daniel James Bergantz Send Email
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