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Quiero saber de ustedes. 03 Jul 2007
Hola a todos, un poco de tiempo sin saber de muchas personas, en Noviembre seran 13 aƱos desde que termine la mision, no lo puedo creer, todavia mi corazon esta alla, en mis recuerdos.
Conservo el testimonio que aprendi en mi mision, espero que todos esten firmes en la fe y en la obediencia a los principios del evagelio, que son los que nos van ayudar a lograr la exaltacion.
Me gustaria saber de todo el que conosco, por favor escribanme, mi direccion electronica esta en mi alumi
cuidense, los amo.
Leonel Acosta Send Email
hola 23 Mar 2007
hola como estan todos espero que todo este bien por ahi aqui tranquilo ,palante.
elvis arthur
elvis williard arthur cespedes Send Email
Santo Domingo May 15-29 26 Feb 2007
Jenny and I will be in Santo Domingo from May 15-29 this summer. If anyone else will be there during that time, we should get together! We just bought our tickets at orbitz.com for $500 each which is a decent price. Laters,

Jared and Jenny Hobbs
Jared Hobbs Send Email
KLK 12 Dec 2006
Hey all you myspace nerds!!! haha I got really bored on my myspace one day at work and I thought there might be a group for the East Mission and I actually found one but it was for some palomos and they made it private and it was only for the palomos who served from 2005 to present... Anyways since everybody and they mama got a myspace page here's my myspace group for our mission... nothing special yet so add what u want to it just don't make it gay! haha http://groups.myspace.com/misionsantodomingoeste
Daniel E. Smith Send Email
Facebook 10 Dec 2006
for those of you that use it. i have started a group called DOMINICAN REPUBLIC SANTO DOMIGO EAST
Nick Skinner Send Email
Married 31 Oct 2006
Hi Everyone! Well for those of you who don't know, I'm engaged to be married! Shaun Neeley and I are getting married November 25, 2006 in the Salt Lake Temple and having our reception that night in Sandy at 7pm-9pm, If you know me I would love for you to come, please send me your mailing or email address and I will send you an invitation, please email me at briannbarnum@hotmail.com thanks!
Briann Neeley Send Email
Beltre Is Coming to Utah 26 Jul 2006
Hi everyone,

For those of you who didn't read or get my 1st email. Jessica Beltre and her Hna are coming to UTAH to visit. She will be at my house this Friday at midnight and staying till Wed. I want everyone who would like, to come and visit! If you know anyone who would like to come, forward this info to them. Thanks!

Ok so here's the deal since everyone has conflicting schedules I decided it would be easier to do 2 different activities, since we all want to see her! :)

Saturday Night at 7pm (tentative time) we will be going to dinner and picking by majority the place where we think they don't have in the DR and that the girls would like to go (Olive Garden, Chillis, Hard Rock, Spaghetti factory etc) let me know any suggestions. We can still meet at my house so there aren't a million cars going there.

Sunday at 5pm (let me know when you get out of church and time can change) We will be having a BBQ at my house for anyone who wants to attend. Please let me know what you can bring as a side item. I will provide the meat,buns, condiments and drinks. If you can bring a side salad or chips, dessert let me know.

And for all others who can't make it but would just like to stop by and say HI let me know. We always welcome visitors at my house! If you need directions let me know OR if you have any questions call me at 801-440-3898

WHEW I think we got it.

Thanks everyone, I know this is short notice but I just found out a couple days ago the exact date!

La Hna Briann Barnum
Briann Neeley Send Email
Hna Beltre is Visisting Utah! :) 24 Jul 2006
Hey everyone! Well for those of you who served, lived or just knew Hna Jessica Beltre, she is coming to visit good ole Utah! She will be arriving on Friday July 28th at 11:55pm and staying with me until Wed Aug 2nd along with her sister, and then going down to Provo to spend some time with one of their friends down there! SOOOO I would love to get everyone together either at my house for a potluck on Sat or Sun. Or just to get together and show them what Utah has to offer! Please contact me via email or by phone 801-440-3898 anytime, I would love to get a group together since we don't get many Dominican Visitors! So PLEASE, PLEASE if you know anyone else who you think would be interested pass this along and we can have a great get together! Thanks a bunch! Hna Briann Barnum
Briann Neeley Send Email
Chimi Recipe 15 Jul 2006
Here is a chimi recipe I found. I haven't tried it yet, but it sounds right.

Matt Horton Send Email
Trip to DR in August 24 Jun 2006
Hey I am trying see if anyone is interested in visiting the DR in August. Its just me so far but I wanted to see if I could find one else to go and travel with. I served from Jul 00 to Jul 02 so even if you didn't serve in that time frame I'm sure we know some of the same people.
Also I am trying to contact Philip Broussard. If anyone knows anyway I can contact him that would be great.
If one can make it down then or knows someone that might be interested let me know. Thanks
Jonathan J. Gochnour Send Email

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