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Deseas ayudar? 16 Nov 2005
En esta ocasión solo quiero extender una invitación para todos los exmisioneros de mi país.
La Fundación Caridad Donde Sea(Charity Anywhere Foundation) ha estado viniendo al país por dos ocasiones(2004-2005) a realizar servicio medico-dental gratuito para los pobres. Y ya se tiene planeado otro proyecto de servicio para el verano del 2006. Por esto queremos invitarles a participar de esta expedición. Las expediciones de Charity Anywhere son super cheveres, ya que puedes hacer servicio y divertirte al mismo tiempo.
Aquellos que estén interesados pueden chequear en la pagina web www.charityanywhere.org y podrán ver lo que se ha hecho en Dominicana y en otros países.
Vamos!! Anímense y ya verán que no se arrepentirán. Esta puede ser una excelente experiencia para los estudiantes de medicina y odontología y una gran labor vocacional para los medico y odontólogos profesionales. Déjenme saber si desean participar y les daré los detalles de nuestras próximas expediciones en la Rep.Dom., Ecuador y Mexico.
Cuídense mucho y sean buenos y hagan el bien. Katty Paulino, Coordinadora de Proyectos Local
I just want to extend you an invitation to participate in the coolest expedition for the summer 2006. Charity Anywhere Foundation has been coming to the D.R. to do medical and dental services for the pour since 2004.
This time we’d like to have more member of the church serving with us so if you served your mission here you’re more than welcome to come.
If you’re interested check out our web site www.charityanywhere.org and you’ll see the good work we did on 2004. Also you can find out info about our next expeditions to the D.R. Mexico and Ecuador.
If you know any General Doctors, Dentist and medicine students that are willing to serve others please invite them. I'm sure you'll have a blast with all the experience that you'll gain with this expedition. Let me know what you think about this and I’ll email you all the details about it.
Take care, Do good and be good.
Katty Paulino
D.R. Project Coordinator
Katty Paulino Send Email
busca 14 Nov 2005
quisiera que por favor si alguien sabe la direcion del elder patrick kenutson por favor si podrian enviarmela, gracias
carlos pineda Send Email
busca 14 Nov 2005
quisiera que por favor si alguien sabe la direcion del elder patrick kenutson por favor si podrian enviarmela, gracias
carlos pineda Send Email
Direcion de Presidente Platt 10 Jul 2005
Estoy en busco de la direcion de Presidente y Hermana Platt. Ya que se terminaron de su mision no tengo manera de comunicarme con ellos. entonces si alguien lo tiene su direcion porfavor me lo manda.

Richard Marlatt
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Immediate donations needed to help saints affected 04 Oct 2004
Please forward this email to all who can help

Dear fellow missionaries and friends of the Dominican Republic,

This is an urgent and immediate call to all former missionaries (and their friends) who served in the DR. We are requesting that you send money to the Santo Domingo East Mission to help saints affected by Hurricane Jeanne in the eastern part of the DR.

During our missionary reunion on Friday night we learned there is a pressing need to help the communities and members of the church in the Eastern part of the Dominican Republic (around Higuey) who have been severely affected by the Hurricane Jeanne. Because of the tremendous flooding (same flooding that destroyed huge areas of Haiti) the bridges that connect these communities with the other areas of the country have been destroyed. All the local food supplies have been depleted.

On Friday morning, Brad Fellows talked to the current mission president, President Ken Hudson of the Santo Domingo East Mission. President Hudson requested that if we could help, that the best way would be to immediately send, to his office, money in the form of a Fast Offering donation. (He explained “as we already know “ that sending any thing else through customs would take too long and may never arrive). He further stated that the bridges have been washed out and the towns have been completely cut off from food and other essential goods and services. Apparently, in anticipation of the hurricane, the local resorts bought up all the remaining food resources and the towns have nothing. With that in mind, he suggested the most helpful way would be to arrange for cash to be sent to the affected area as fast offerings donations to the Santo Domingo East District.

Please immediately, today, if possible send a fast offering check to:

President Ken Hudson
Santo Domingo East Mission
P.O. Box 30150
Salt Lake City, Utah 84310-0150

1 - Please make the check to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

2 - You can use a standard type donation receipt if you have them.

3 - Make sure President Hudson's name is on the envelope.

4 - This address is the pouch system of the church and is assured to securely arrive in the DR.

5 - FYI: The Mission Office Phone Number is 809-687-5080

We appreciate your quick response to this request; this is an immediate way all of us who have the ability can help alleviate some of the suffering that has occurred with the recent hurricanes that devastated the Caribbean.

Former Missionaries to the Dominican Republic

If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to call any of us:

Brad Fellows at 801-566-4119
Steve Roberts at 801-240-6348
Kevin Mortensen at 801-580-4455

I found the following information on the internet, so I wanted to pass it on for your enlightenment:

Minneapolis Star Tribune, MN - Oct 1, 2004:

The Dominican Republic, like Haiti was battered by Hurricane Jeanne, which was designated both as a tropical storm and a hurricane during the weekend of Sept. 18-19. Some reports said that at least 22 people in the Dominican Republic were killed and thousands were forced to evacuate their homes because of Jeanne. Dozens of towns in eastern and northeastern areas were cut off from the rest of the country.

(All the news on our local stations was about Haiti, unlike the Dominican Republic, Haiti has been almost totally deforested, making even light rain potentially deadly as floodwaters sweep down mountainsides. According to the Associated Press, more than 90 percent of Haiti's trees have been chopped down, mostly to make charcoal.)
John Rogers Send Email
Familia Fernandez de Bani 22 Jul 2004
Estoy buscando a la Familia Fernandez de Bani que se bautizo en 1981 (por mi y mi companero, Thayne Houston). Padres: Ramon Fernandez Moquete y su esposa Dolores Mireya Guzman de Fernandez. Hijos: Natacha, Ramon, Rodolfo, y Claudia. Ramon sirvio luego en capacidad de presidente de la rama de Bani. Vivian por una temporada en Utah Valley. Si tiene informacion, favor de comunicarse conmigo: John Rogers, rogers90065@yahoo.com. Gracias!
John Rogers Send Email
Estoy buscando a los siguientes hermanos KEVIN P. FINE, ELDER REYNOLS, ELDER JACKSON, ELDER GARY EMCH, ELDER JAMES MOYER, ELDER CHAD TOBBINS, ELDER MARK SHEPERD, ELDER MICHAEL DEVOR, ELDER ALFREDO LESTA, HERMANA LEAVITT, HERMANA JONES, HERMANA PARK, HERMANA JEAN NAKAMOTO, HERMANA DONI DOGE, HERMANA DARCY K. BUTCHER, HERMANA CARMEN PEÑA. Todos fueron misioneros en la misión República Dominicana, Santo Domingo (1985-1987). Los Elderes, mis compañeros, y las hermanas, sirvieron en areas comunes.
Deseo saber sus direcciones, Email y telefonos, para comunicarme con ellos, si alguien conoce a estos hermanos, les agradeceré me pongan en contacto con ellos.
Les agradeceré toda la vida.

I am looking for the following brothers ELDER KEVIN P. FINE, ELDER REYNOLS, ELDER JACKSON, ELDER GARY EMCH, ELDER JAMES MOYER, ELDER CHAD TOBBINS, ELDER MARK SHEPERD, ELDER MICHAEL DEVOR, ELDER ALFREDO LESTA, SISTER LEAVITT, SISTER JONES, SISTER PARK, SISTER JEAN NAKAMOTO, SISTER DONI DOGE, SISTER DARCY K. BUTCHER, SISTER CARMEN PEÑA. They all were missionary in the mission Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo (1985-1987). The Elderes, my companions, and the sisters, served in common areas.
I want to know his addresses, Email and phones, to communicate with them, if someone knows these brothers, I will be grateful for them put me in touch with them.
I will be grateful for the whole life to them.

I´m surprised that there´s a couple of studs who won´t show up at the RM´s reunion that we´ll have here in DR. What happened with Ricky Turner, Thomas Orme, Tyler Judkins and some others who I´d love to see. Anyway, it will be huge for all of us who are going to be there….sorry for those who won´t. La reunion is going to be on July 17th, 2004 at 4:00pm EN EL HOTEL JARAGUA, so you guys still have time to plan on it. About 85 dominicans with wives/husbands have been confirmed plus those who will show up w/o anticipation and plus the Americans we expect to have around a hundred people there….cool, huh. We´ll send pictures.


Rafael Guillermo Gutierrez Del Rosario Send Email
Informacion 08 Jul 2004
me gustaria saber si algun ex-misionero conoce a troy dougherty el sirvio en la mision santiago si algun ex misionero norteamericano lo conoce favor de darme su e-mail y telefono.

cesar jose vasquez Send Email
Whoa 27 May 2004
Good grief... How come my message got repeated so many times?
Ryan Hyer Send Email

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