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Stories: With Him there is no fear

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With Him there is no fear 19 Nov 2004
It was the day of transfers and my companiion and I were staying the same in our area of Independencia. We went out as normal and the morning was not going well. As we approached the Mirador park we remembered seeing a sign for an underground lake. As the curiios Hermanas that we are we deciede to go, why not we needed a little break from the normal. Little did we know that we would have an unforgettable day. It was an unusual morning for there was light!! So we began to enter the cave where the lake was located. We were marveling as we entered at how thick the air was, we could almost as it were hold onto it. We continued to decend the stairs and we could begin to hear the water, at that very moment, what a surprise, se fue la luz! We, Hna. Ashton and I, were in ocmplete darkness. I have never felt so scared in all my life. Not even our hand infront of our faces could we see. It was very dark and we made the comment that wow we know how the Nephites and lamanites must have felt in the time before the lord came. As a normality the generator would not turn on so we were standing there in the dark wondering what would happen. We couldn't go up we couldn't go down so we waited and when the ranger came down the stairs with a flashlight we were never so grateful to see light in our lives. We learned that day that the light overpwers the darkness and that truely the lord is our light and with Him we have no need to fear.
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