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Banana Stickers 05 Jan 2004
I wasn't much of a collector myself, but I would be interested to see some pictures of banana sticker collections posted.
Joshua Kelley Send Email
lds forum 02 Jan 2004
hey all, its me...kennington the coolest guy this side of the river guay! hahaha hey i just wanted to post some spam here to let ya know about this lds forum i finished the graphics on for my girlfriends friends'. its gotta pacific islander feel cause they have the native islander blood in em, but its opened for all mormons. heres the spam letter & link:

The new LDS Pacific Forum: An LDS community where people can gather to socialize & discuss topics of todays world. A great way to develop and foster relationships on the forum with a twist of the pacific as well as the maintaining of mormon values and virtues! Links, Forums, Games, Something for everyone! Kia kaha ki te rongopai.
Edward Kennington Send Email
Pajan 27 Nov 2003
One of the most unique areas of the Guay. mission for me was the time I served in Pajan. At that time in 1981 the Pajan Branch rented a small space to hold church. The missionaries lived in Jipijapa and comuted to Pajan every day! My most unique experience I had while serving there was when a member set up an appointment for us to teach a family member way out in the campo. She indicated she would line up transportation for us to get there. When we arrived she had 3 horses waiting! When we arrived at the location we found it wasn't a house but what I would call a small park with a picnic like pavallion there. The place was jam packed with people from the entire community! We taught them the first discussion and they invited us back. The second time we planned to take the new Reportaje Andino film that was brand new at the time with us as we had promised the group (the group promised to have a generator there for us as it was so far out in the campo there was no electricity). When we arrived to go out the second time the member had an old 4x4 fire truck waiting to take us. We ended up showing a film strip. Our small cassette players just wouldn't go loud enough for such a large group and with the noice of a generator going. I got transferred shorty after that and always wondered if anything came of it. What is the status of the Pajan branch/ward these days, does anyone know?

David Barth
David Barth Send Email
buscando a case page 25 Nov 2003
hola espero que cuando lean me puedan ayudar a encontrar a case page sirvio en esta mision si sabes de algo avisame ok
Bladimir Llive Send Email
Finding Lelland? 17 Nov 2003

I was wondering if anyone has any contact information for Lelland Anderson III? Please email me at:

Tyler Harris
Tyler Harris Send Email
Reunión ex misioneros 12 Nov 2003
Queridos/as ex misioneros y misioneras que sirvieron con el Presidente y la Hermana González.
Queremos invitarles el día domingo 23 de noviembre a la "Reunión del reencuentro". Esta se llevará a cabo en las instalaciones del Instituto de Religión (Colón y Almagro), a las 5:30 de la tarde. Vamos a tener con nosotros la compañía del Elder González y su esposa.Pueden asistir con sus esposos/as.Si necesitan más información por favor contactarse conmigo al 023301689 / 099242418. O con Silvia Velásquez al 022664662.
Esperamos contar con el mayor número Uds. Será un momento para el recuerdo.
Hasta pronto.
Susana Cruz
Susana Cruz Send Email
machala contact 12 Nov 2003
paul, machala was one of my fav areas as well. i read your inquiry about contacting your old friends/converts etc in machala. i served in 1995 there & a family i baptized are still very active there. my comp i know has the email address of the son of the family there. im sure he would know pretty much everything machala has as far as lds members. lemme mail him & see what i can do. ek
Edward Kennington Send Email
Re: Machala 11 Nov 2003
Hey Paul, I still keep in contact with several people in Machala...what part of Machala? I served in Boyaca' and I can give you some names and emails or phone numbers if oyu want.

Robert Joel Bush Send Email
Machala 10 Nov 2003
How can I get information on members and what's going on in my favorite area of my mission. When i left, they were working on a chapel-- land had been found, now the place has a stake. I'd like to see if i can establish contact with people i worked with and baptized. Any ideas?
Paul Redd Send Email
Hey.. 08 Nov 2003
Just got back from overseas & this site looks fab. Great job Troy! ek
Edward Kennington Send Email
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