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Today the Bristol Stake has eight units
  • Bath Ward
  • Downend Ward
  • Southmead Ward
  • Taunton Ward
  • Trowbridge Ward
  • Wells Road Ward (Stake Centre)
  • Weston-super-Mare First Ward
  • Weston-super-Mare Second Ward
BRISTOL ENGLAND STAKE: (March 6, 2005) President — Martin Jonathan Turvey, 44, managing director at Global Address; succeeding Patrick Robert David Kearon; wife, Debra Louise Christie Turvey. Counselors — John William Crew, 54, manager at Connexions Somerset; wife, Jacqueline Elizabeth Kemp Crew. Martin Geoffrey Hill, 44, group managing director at Window & Glazing Group; wife, Susan Hammond Hill.

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In June 2006 the Yeovil Ward was transferred to the Poole England Stake and President John Crew was released. President Martin G. Hill was called as 1st Counselor and President Mark S. Webb as the new 2nd Counselor.

In December 2007 President Martin Hill was released, President Mark S. Webb was then called as
called as 1st Counselor and President Scott E. Balloch as the new 2nd Counselor.

Unit Member Years Lived in Mission Area Email Address Website Updated
Clevedon Branch Baynes Family 1998 to present Zion1984@aol.com No  
Clevedon Branch Barr Ollerenshaw, Anne-Marie 2000 to present amo@choclut-donut
Downend Ward Robinson, Karen 1991 to present klr@klbuckley.fsnet.co.uk No  
Downend Ward Jones, Vince 1996  to 2002 vincejones@mac.com Yes  
Southmead Ward Cottrell, Steve 1979 to 1984   Yes 1 Aug 06
Taunton Branch Leitch, Dugald & Jean 1994 to present jean_leitch@hotmail.com No  
Wells Road Ward Chittock, Bruce 1961 to 1968 bhchittock@hotmail.com No  
Wells Road Ward Evans, Alan John 1967 to present ajevans@aol.com No  
Wells Road Ward Jones, Vince 1962 to 1986 &
1991 to 1996
vincejones@mac.com Yes  
Wells Road Ward LeGassick Clements, Sue 1960'ish sueserle@aol.com No  
Wells Road Ward Leitch, Dugald & Jean 1960 to 1994 jean_leitch@hotmail.com No  
Wells Road Ward Leitch, Malcolm 1960 to 1989 Malcolm-L@comcast.net No  
Wells Road Ward McMillian, Robert 1948 to 1980 rmcmillan@rmcmillan.ca No 17 Jan 09
Wells Road Ward Webb, John K. 1960 to present JohnKWebb@breathemail.net No  
Wells Road Ward Williams, Norman 1963 to 1968 normwilli_47@yahoo.com No  
Weston-super-Mare Ward Barr Ollerenshaw, Anne-Marie 1978 to 2000 amb@choclut-donut.fsnet.co.uk No  
Weston-super-Mare Ward Morgan, Tim & Karen 1989 to present tim.morgan@tesco.net No  
Yeovil Ward Ramsbottom, Jon 1984 to present jonramsbottom@hotmail.com No  
  Roe, Jeffrey 1973 to 1975 roejeff@cwis.isu.edu No  
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