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Current Mission Crest, by Michael Capell 1997


ARMS: Argent, divided chief, the upper half per pale with three dividing lines thirded, the outer lines being the same in thickness coloured OR and the centre line being four times the thickness of the other two coloured Azure. Thereon at the fess point is the Bristol City Arms [Gules, in base per pale water proper and a mount vert, thereon to the sinister a castle with two towers domed all argent, on each dome a pennant charged with the cross of St. George and to the dexter, sailing from a port in the dexter tower, a ship, the fore and main masts visible, on each a round top OR, the rigging sable, on the foremast a sail set and on the main mast a sail furled argent]. The dexter chief contains a pair of English roses gules, the sinister chief a pair of Welsh daffodils OR, both slipped and leaved proper. In the base portion of the field is a pair of scrolls crossing saltire tenne, on rods OR with the scroll running sinister to dexter in front. these are tied together in centre by a cord azure.

Helm and Crest: A closed knight's helm sideways argent with a wreath of purpure and azure. Mantling issuing therefrom on dexter gules and sinister OR. Upon the wreath lies a crown celestial OR.

Supporters: On dexter the English Lion rampant guardant OR and on the sinister the Welsh Dragon rampant gules.

Banner: "England Bristol Mission", coloured argent with bordure tincture of azure.

Symbolism in Colour:

OR (gold): faith, obedience, majesty.
Argent (silver): cleanliness, wisdom, joy.
Gules (red): Courage, an eagerness to serve one's homeland.
Azure (blue): truth, loyalty, steadfastness.
Purpure (violet): royalty, majesty.
Vert (green): Freedom, hope, health.

In other words, the crest is a silver shield divided into three parts. The dividing line is also divided into three parts, the inside being blue, and the outside lines gold. This is representative of the three-fold mission of the church (Ephesians 4:11-12), the large blue line being proclaiming the gospel. The upper left section contains two red English roses representative of the missionary teams in England and the upper right section has two golden Welsh daffodils symbolic of teams in Wales (D&C 42:6). In the centre of the shield is the shield of the city Bristol. In the lower portion of the shield is a pair of crossing scrolls tied together with a blue cord which is symbolic of the sticks of Judah and of Ephraim (Ezekiel 37:15-17). On the top of the shield is a silver helmet turned sideways with a blue and violet wreath resting on top of it. From behind the helm is mantling which is red on the left and gold on the right. On the wreath is a celestial crown symbolic of the glory the faithful will receive in the celestial kingdom (D&C 20:14, 75:5). The supporters are a golden English lion to the left and a red Welsh Dragon to the right. The banner bears the name of the mission and is coloured silver with a blue outline.

Mission Crest used before 1997. History unknown. Possibly introduced by Pres. Price?
If you can shed any light on the use or history of this version please contact the maintainer.

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