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Elder Joseph R. Rogers

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Tagg Hundrup (1996 - 1999)
Served: 1996 - 1998
Language(s) spoken:Greek
Areas Served:
Provo (2mths) Glyfada (2mths), Limassol (6mths), Kypseli (6mths), Thessaloniki (4mths), Patra (4mths)
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Your Occupation: Podiatrist
Spouse: Kym
10yrs have passed since my sojourn to Greece, my language is not too bad, in fact it is quite good some days and atrocious on others. I now live in Tasmania which is 99.9% anglosaxon, only about 3 Greeks here. 1 of them funny enough is one of my patients, I tried to discharge him several times but he would keep coming back. Soon I realised that it was the Lord's way of allowing me to speak Greek every 2-3 months, now who says the Lord doesn't bless us.
I am continuing as the 2nd counsellor in our ward bishopric, it really opens your eyes to what good men and women there are in the Church who volunteer so much time to the Lord.
Every night my girls are now asking me for mission stories, they love the stories about snails, about wisdom teeth coming out, about Fruit/Vege runs with the Nuns and about birds pooping on us when we were trackting. They love it so much when I asked my oldest where she would like to go on her mission she said 'France'? Oh well, you can't win em all!
I pray that we all stay true to the truth we knew then, the truth hasn't changed, just the background music we provide in our own lives changes our perception of the truth, however hopefully we still know that this is indeed the Lord's church and that it burns within us. I love all of you for serving in the GAM. To all those who I have never met or who are returning, thank you for serving faithfully a people who I love so much, may it not be long till the harvest is reaped in the Greece Athens Mission.
God bless.
Joe (aka Elder Rogers)
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