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Temple trip 25 Aug 2005
Today in the Friedrichsdorf (Germany) temple, three families from Greece were sealed!

Know that the work is progressing and the kingdom is getting stronger in Greece.

Gilles François Send Email
Liahona in Greek 23 Jul 2005
The first ever Church magazine in Greek was published in April 2005. It will be published once a year, every April.
The Liahona can be ordered, if you are interested, under item 25984-133.

Have a good one,
Gilles François Send Email
sister Valentina Posharkaya 12 Jul 2005
Does anyone know the new adress of sister Valentina Posharskaya. She moved to Utah to live with her daughter. Let me know!! Hope you all do well. Take care and na pas sto kalo!!
Jan Nicolaas Prins Send Email
Reunion 04 Jul 2005

I would certainly be interested in a holiday in Greece next year and could, no doubt, spare some time to catch up with old friends.

I suggest Aegina or one of the other Islands in the Saronic Gulf which would be ideal for visits to the mainland.

See ya

Ryan Bassett Send Email
Dates for Reunion 01 Jul 2005
Hi all,

Question has arisen regarding dates for reunion.

Being somewhat self centred, and having a daughter of school age now, It'll be at the end of July or in August 2006.

I do understand it can get a bit warm (the English are obsessed with weather) but we all lived thru it for at least 18mths and this time we can swim to cool off . . .

Folks, I am so stoked, this is gonna be great.

Everybody is welcome.

Cheryl O'Riordan.
Cheryl Ann Whyte Send Email
Athens 2006 21 Jun 2005
I would be keen on a reunion in Greece in 2006 as well.
I have many contacts there if anyone is interested...
Gilles François Send Email
athens trip 2006 20 Jun 2005
I'm in for a trip. What time in the summer are you thinking? I think ill have to brush up my greek. :)
Simon Blundell Send Email
Travel information to Athens 20 Jun 2005
Hi everybody,

I just checked back to the Mission web site after a long time. I am looking for information for a friend who will visit Athens soon. I was thinking about giving them the church address, meeting times, directions and also directions to Mars hill. I've just scanned the dedicatory prayer. I found the address of the church on but not meeting time etc.

Do you guys know of any of this information? When I went on my honey moon to Greece I had the same problem. Maybe other people might be interested in the information as well and we could post it here permanently.


Günter Karp
Guenter W. Karp Send Email
Reunion '06 19 Jun 2005
I fancy a reunion in Greece next summer!!! Let's do it! I think that is a great idea, and I will be there. I haven't been back since I was released, and I can't stand it anymore! Let's coordinate, and get this set up. Woo hoo!
Andrea Coller Send Email
Reunion 2006 Cyprus 14 Jun 2005
I'd love to get back to Cyprus, but I imagine it would be too hot in the summer -- if I can wear just a shirt in December (at least during the day), I don't think I want to know what it's like in July!

Maybe spring or autumn, though?
Philip Christopher Newton Send Email
Summer '06 Reunion 09 Jun 2005
Dear All,
Who fancies a reunion in Summer 2006.
Ideally Cyprus, Crete (it's a beautiful island with tonnes to do), or Egina for Athens access.

If I have help I'd be willing to organise.

Block book hotel, 1 x day activity & 1 x evening shin-dig at an open air restaurant (imagine the waves lapping and the scent of Jasmine in the air), and Church on Sunday.

The rest of the holiday would be your own to do with as you wish.

Who is up for it?

Cheryl Ann Whyte Send Email
Brian McGelligott 06 Jun 2005
Hi All

Anyone know how I can get in contact with Brian McGelligott? Sounds cheesy but I have a Sunday School class coming up soon and he has a perfect quote that would help.

Also, anyone have any news on Rosa Dimopoulou from Thessaloniki?

Remember all the old guard with fondness (it's our 10 year anniversary) and have the utmost respect for the new kids.

Luv n Stuff
Cheryl O'Riordan.
Cheryl Ann Whyte Send Email
old friends 28 May 2005
I am hoping that anyone out there might have current contact information for Edmund and Charity Mbam. They are a Nigerian couple we used to visit back in 1995, and they lived on Kosti Palama in the Peristeri area. Did anyone else ever teach or visit them? Any news at all would be appreciated.
Andrea Coller Send Email
addresses 18 Apr 2005
Hi - this is Elder Steven James Judd from Vernal, Utah. I need addresses of anyone I served with including Hundrup's, Mavromatis', and Memmott's. I'm getting married in 3 weeks and would like to send invitations. Please help! email - or call 801-370-3653
Steven James Judd Send Email
Antonacci 24 Mar 2005
Dear friends,
I need your help: does any of you know how to get in touch with Antonacci.
Please, if you do, write me back.
thanks a lot in advance for your help
Raffaele Petroni Send Email
Going to Athens 31 Jan 2005
Hey, I'm going to be in Athens from 28 February through 26 March, and would like to attend church. Can anyone give me addresses and/or phone numbers for the meetings in Athens? Even the phone number of the elders would be great so I can call and get meeting info. Thanks,

John Harwood Send Email
it's me 29 Jan 2005
Well the year has been good so far. Anyone of the Alumni live in the south? For those of you in the U.S. you know what that means. Nothing west of Texas and nothing north of Georgia. Contact me I really need to speak greek with someone.
Jeremy Hozhoni Sherman Send Email
Christmas vacation 21 Nov 2004
Hi everyone,
Larissa, Thibault and I will be travelling to the United States in December and January. We'll be in the Salt Lake, Provo and St. George areas in Utah and in the Bay Area in California. I would be fun to see some of you.
Gilles François Send Email
Baptism in Thess 10 Nov 2004
Hey everyone, about 3 months ago I got a call from a guy with my same name. He is in Broken Arrow , Oklahoma, USA. His name was Jay Darren Burrup and My name is James Darren Burrup. Anyway, Olivera had contacted him through the web and he contacted me out of the kindness of his heart to aid her in finding me. She was an investigator 10 years ago that I had taught with Elder Wooley and Elder Noyes. So the very next day after we spoke on the phone, She sees two elders standing at the Bus stop and grabs her two children and get off the bus to talk to them... can you imagine their surprise when she asked, " are you missionaries from the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints?" 3 months later she called to tell me that she is getting baptized and since Im still single and have had a great year selling homes thanks to so many referrals, I jumped at the opportunity to go and watch it...I'll be gone from Nov. 24- Dec 8 2004. please let me know if I need to take anything or retrieve anything within reason!
its a testimony to the power of prayer and to the fact that the Lord can dohis own work he just allows us to participate in it and reap some happiness from it!
Darren Burrup Send Email
Reunions 23 Sep 2004
Everyone yes I am still alive and well. I'm currently at Louisiana State University going to shcool it's a blast. Why do we do this to ourselves? Reunions in Utah are only for the people out in Utah or outlying states let's have some variety and go some other places too. If there is enough consensus we should go someplace. But, just because 90% of the return missionaries are from Utah and the west does not mean it's a great idea to have reunions there. So write me if you would like to go somewhere else and I'll plan it. Someone needs to take action. Alright, take care all and peace out.
Jeremy Shermanaki
Jeremy Hozhoni Sherman Send Email
adress of Valentina Pozharskaya 20 Sep 2004
Hello can anyone help me to get in contact with Valentina Pozharskaya. She is or was a member of the Halandri branch. I lost contact with her and now I can't get an hold of her. So if anyone can help me... Evcharisto parapoli
Jan Nicolaas Prins Send Email
Thanks Cheryl! 07 Aug 2004
Thanks, ya'll for the congrats. Sorry I have't written you back Cheryl. Your message is on my computer at work and I have't been there all summer. I'll get there Monday.

You need to post pictures of that baby of yours! Well I guess she's not really a baby anymore, huh?
Leslie Day Richey Send Email
Leslie Koenen 11 Jun 2004
Spiffy. All the best, Leslie!
Philip Christopher Newton Send Email
Leslie Koenen 07 Jun 2004
Dear all,
Please join me in congratulating Sister Leslie Koenen on her recent wedding.

I hear on the LDS grapevine that she is outrageously happy and is moving to Texas.

Well done lady,
We love you and wish you every happiness.

Cheryl O'Riordan.
Cheryl Ann Whyte Send Email
TIM HENRY 07 Jun 2004
Hey all,
Congratulations to Tim Henry on his wedding this month. Well done, mister.

Yr former Bishop (who moved into my ward this week) says your wife is a beautiful Irish Nurse with red hair just like yourself.

Look forward to meeting Mrs Henry at the next reunion.

Luv ya
Cheryl O'Riordan
Cheryl Ann Whyte Send Email
Research paper 04 Feb 2004
Hello everyone,

just a little request...I am writing a research paper this semester on Greece-how the church started, statistics, how it is doing now, Greek pioneers (notable conversion stories), obstacles to the work, influence of the culture etc on the work, and all that nice stuff.

I am asking for your input. If you feel you have something significant to contribute, or opinions on the above mentioned, or you know a place where I can get additional good info, then I would like to hear from you. You can email me to my BYU account at If you are hesitant because I could be Miranda...I'll give you my professor's phone number :p

At any rate, I would love contributions, but whatever you have to share, try to let it be something noteworthy, and make it to the point. I'd be happy to email the final product to whoever is interested.


Franziska Valeska Schulze Send Email
Locating Steve Smith 05 Jan 2004
Hi. Steve was in my ward in Cache Valley (Utah) for a short while - I'm not sure exactly where he is now but I know he has a business up here and did some work for my neighbors - if you still haven't found him, let me know and I'll track him down.

Heather Housley Send Email
Elder Steve Smith 30 Dec 2003
Hi, does anyone have any idea how to locate him? The info posted here are now obsolete... Anyone has his exact full name?
Gilles François Send Email
Going to Greece 04 Dec 2003
Y'all - There's a good chance I'll be able to go to the Olympics in Greece! I'm getting reassigned to Turkey, putting my right in the neighborhood. I'd be interested in finding a place to stay in Athens - any members interested in hosting a ksenos during the Olympics, please contact me. Of course, I'd be willing to pay for it. Thanks!
John Harwood Send Email
Hello! 21 Sep 2003
Hi from Arizona. We just moved to the hottest place on earth. Life is good though. Seth started graduate school and I am now working full time. It sure is nice to be done with school and not worry about homework... for all your students out there, sorry I just have to rub it in :)
This summer we were able to go back to Europe (not Greece though, unfortunately) and meet up with Jen, Carole and Maria. There are so many reasons to be thankful for a mission, one being the friendships made. As a sidenote, if you, Adelfi Natacha Fricot, or anyone who is in touch with her, are reading this, please contact me! I am looking for you!
Take care everyone, and enjoy conference!
Dörte Marshall Send Email

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