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Stories: Demonstrate the truth by the Spirit of Love

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Demonstrate the truth by the Spirit of Love 08 May 2002
I stood in the cold Chicago wind waiting for the Zone Leaders to come. I was being transferred and I and several other Elders had been dropped of at the Logan Square Chapel with our Luggage. The AP's had dropped off a 'greenie' who was going up North. In the distance I saw 2 missionary looking young men walking towards us. I didn't know everyone in the mission but as they drew closer I didn't see any name tags. I greeted them in the usual enthusiastic missionary fashion. They returned the greeting and asked who we were. As soon as they found out they began with an onslought of the usual anti-Mormon sentiment. Why do we worship Joseph Smith? Why did we practice polygamy and yet do not now? How can we call ourselves Christians when we do not belive in the Trinity and so on. Before my Mission I had been told 2 things by our ward Mission leader -a great missionary in his own right- 1. you can never prove the Church is true you can only demonstrate it and 2. never, never, never bash! I turned to the Bible knowing they would not accept an answer from the Book of Mormon and one by one I was able to find a scripture that met the argument in a clear way. In the end they were unconvinced despite the presence of the Spirit testifying that what I said was true. I bore my testimony to the truthfulness of what I had said and ended in the name of the Saviour. When the young men left the Elder fresh from the MTC looked at me and said, "wow you really know your scriptures!" I explained to him that most of those scriptures I had never heard of before or thought of in the context in which they were used. One of them which struck me profoundly took me 10 years to find again! These young men were students at the Moody Bible Institute, probably in training for careers as Pastors. I learned in that moment that even though the Lord uses the foolish things of the world to teach His Gospel the Spirit can make your scriptutres literally fall open to the answers if we will maintain our respect for our fellow man and not try to 'prove' how right we are.
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